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Brighten up your office space to increase productivity

Let me guess, as a business owner, brightening up your office space is the last thing on your mind. Understandably, we all think that when it comes to office spaces, formal means dull. It is a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. What if I told you that enhancing your office space with bright decor could boost productivity and profitability? That might sound unbelievable, but recent studies show that bright office furnishings improve mood, productivity, and creativity. Let’s dive in.

Different designs could make your employees more energetic, relaxed or creative. We ourselves use some of our furniture we have for sale on HomesDirect365 to brighten up the office. Picture this; hospitals always feature green or blue decoration. The secret behind this is that green and blue colours outs people at ease. If your nature of work is high paced as in the case of a newsroom or share trading, having snippets of bright green or blue can alleviate stress and make your employees feel relaxed. You can either install office furniture with green upholstery or repaint the walls or ceiling. Research has been done on this topic and it has been labelled the Dewey Colour System.

Have you ever visited an advertisement company? Employees in such a workplace need to have their creative juices continually flowing. If you visit a couple of offices in this niche, you will notice the generous use of red décor. They always have red on their upholstery, walls or flooring. According to psychologists, the red colour spikes up energy and inventiveness. You can copy from that and do the same for your office. But just remember that this colour has to sit in well with the rest of your office design.


Googles Quirky Office Relaxation Area

Googles Quirky Relaxation Office


Google Again With Its Unique Slide Alternative To A Stairway

Googles Tel Aviv Office


Do your employees display signs of emotional exhaustion? You will notice symptoms such as forgetfulness, slackness and bad mood. Try using yellow in your office decor. Yellow color brightens up your office space and makes it look beautiful. Buts that’s not all, yellow keeps people alert and attentive. Consider using yellow office furniture, including office chairs, desks, and filing cabinets.

For a small office, many employees might feel too clustered. But there is a way around this; use bright colours. Bright colours make a little room space look bigger than it is. This might improve the productivity of your employees in the long run. Use light colours for the walls and furniture, and then you can tone it down with shades of black or grey. For instance, if you go with red for office furniture, choose grey for the carpet flooring.


Staging your office for rental

Decorating your office space is not only improves productivity, but it can also help you get the right tenants for your additional space. Furnishing is at the heart of every office staging for rental, and many benefits come with it.

Nathan from Austin Tenant Advisors said that:

“For starters, your office space will be able to fetch a higher price in the market. Potential office leasers look to have a comfortable place to work in. By using the right designs of office furniture, lighting, and other accessories, you can transform your dull space into an appealing work space. Also, with proper staging get tenants for your office space fast. You don’t have to keep paying a hefty bill for your office when you could lease your additional space. The problem is that office tenants want a vibrant place of work. A work space that could help them achieve profitability in their ventures. Office staging can help you provide such an office space.”

A pleasant work environment should be the number one objective of all organisations. It is the assured road to productivity and profitability, and you can achieve that with bright office décor.


Here are a few of our office items for you to browse through

Stunning office chairs with a beautiful ribbed design and shiny chrome frame with gas lift mechanism and castors.Available in a range of black, ivory or grey, ideal for any office, home office, computer room or study.

This geographical globe comes with political boundaries and high lighted world features in a classic antique French style finish, perfect to finish of an office or study. Its colourful finish will brighten up any interior space

Brighten up your home with our extensive and varied selection of modern and contemporary furniture. Handcrafted by experts and carefully built using a mixture of aluminium and copper, this table with a ‘Z’ frame design with astound and sure to become an instant favourite.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Industrial Table featuring two shelves and a fantastic industrial design. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, this shabby chic coffee table will be sure to amaze. Working well either on it’s own or co-ordinated alongside our stunning antique French furniture.

This geographical globe comes with political boundaries and high lighted world features in a classic antique French style finish, perfect to finish of an office or study.


Brighten up any room in your home, with our extensive collection of Mirrors. We are proud to present for your consideration this stunning aluminium and copper mirror from our brand new collection of industrial style furniture. Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, you are sure to be impressed.

This attractive ceiling light takes its inspiration from industrial light fittings from the mid-century. A chain suspends the fully chromed down-light which has a glass diffuser plate to spread light evenly and to avoid any glare in the eyes. So brighten up your home with this stunning handcrafted ceiling light, sure to become an instant favourite.

This attractive ceiling light takes its inspiration from industrial light fittings from the mid-century. A chain suspends the fully chromed down-light which has a glass diffuser plate to spread light evenly and to avoid any glare in the eyes.

Crafted from iron, this striking industrial chest features 15 drawers which all individually offer plenty of storage space to help keep your home tidy. If you’re looking for a unique storage solution, then the Iron Chest is the right one for you, made from only the highest quality materials, this chest will be sure to last you for generations.

A welcomed addition to our collection of industrial style furniture comes this exquisite and very unique real leather sofa. Designed and inspired from the classic retro car, this beautiful sofa featuring real leather seats a chrome bumper and decorative tail lights is sure to astound across generations.






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Crafted from clear cut glass and designed with ingenuity, the highly popular and sought after Venetian mirrored furniture is the ultimate piece to add modern style to your home today.

Before we look at some simply breathtaking pieces such as the indistinguishable Romano crystal collection from Homesdirect365, let’s take a brief look at the history of mirrored furniture and how it originated.

Check out this link for our full range of mirrored furniture


History of Glass

About 2,500 years ago, approximately 460bc in the city of Sidon in Lebanon is where the very first mirror originated from, which at that time, the only way to view a clear reflection was in settled or stagnant pools of water. Polished bronze or copper was also seldom used, but the reflection and image given off were in no way clear, it was often very blurry and disproportional due to the surface rarely being flat. Through a process known as glassblowing, the very first mirrors were successfully created.

Often used today by artists, glassblowing is simply to blow a small amount of air into a molten blob. Glassblowing first starting in Lebanon by blowing air into a small sphere, once cooled the glass could then be broken into many smooth small pieces which were much clearer than copper or bronze and gave of a clear more true-like reflection. Glass itself isn’t as reflective of today mirrors, so to improve its reflectivity, coating it with metal was an ideal practice.



This technique of creating glass and mirrors were extremely popular and spread rapidly through the current reigning Roman empire. Once fully embraced by the Romans, glassblowing became a phenomenon worldwide and developed into mold blowing or what we know today as modern glass blowing.


Venetian Mirror

Venice – Often renowned for their creativity, ingenuity, and modernism, in the 16th century Venice gave birth to the beautiful and often elaborate mirrors we have come and know to love today.

With Venetian mirrors given the name of ‘the purest mirrors in the world’, the popularity was growing and was sought after all over the globe. This inspired the current reigning queen of France, Marie De Medici who adored these mirrors so much she wanted an office full of mirrors on every wall possible.



As time moved on and modernist furniture designers wanted to be at the forefront of innovative designs, it didn’t take long for them to start using mirrors to create mirrored furniture. Heavily influenced by the art-deco movement, glass was placed on the side and surfaces of furniture pieces.

At the time of the 18th century when mirrors where a lot more affordable, mirrored furniture designs took a huge leap. Being a lot more cost effective and available to the masses, experimentation using mirrored furniture pieces began. Initially, the first pieces of mirrored furniture created where the smaller household items, such as ornaments and table decorations but began to slowly grow into mirrored bedside tables. dressing tables and even mirrored beds and wardrobes, exclusively available online from Homes Direct 365


Mirrored Dressing Table Set – £344.99 –



Romano Crystal Mirrored Furniture

Heavily inspired by the Venetian period, the Romano crystal mirrored furniture is a clean-cut simplistically designed furniture range with subtle and elegant detailing.


Romano Crystal Bedside Table – £139.99 –


Romano Crystal Mirrored Chest – £299.99 –


Carefully crafted using clear cut glass panels and natural wood, this range is ideal to brighten up any room. Whether looking for simple decorative pieces such as the jewelry box or a more elaborate full bedroom range including bedsides, chests, and even wardrobes, mirrored furniture can give the appearance of a bigger and brighter room adding style and elegance in abundance.


Mirrored Wardrobe – £849.99 –


Mirrored TV Cabinet – £349.99 –

Mirrored Jewelry Box – £34.99


It doesn’t stop at bedrooms either… from beautiful uniquely designed TV cabinets to practical cabinets and pedestals. The Romano crystal collection, exclusively available from ‘homesdirect365’ caters for the modernist inside all of us!


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Do you ever look at the space around you, your personal haven and think to yourself, I need some new furniture? But even answering that question with a yes response, you may still be unsure what furniture you are looking for. Well, Shabby Chic Furniture is ALWAYS trending, no matter the year or season, wonderfully designed furniture crossed with comfort and beauty is a must-have in the home and Shabby Chic Furniture ticks all of those boxes. Here at HomesDirect365 we pride our self on supplying our wonderful customers with the highest quality of Shabby Chic Furniture and we aim to help you find something that you will fall in love with, we believe there’s a piece of Shabby Chic Furniture out there for everyone.

Now if you’re stuck on what you’re looking for to help add some Shabby Chic style to your home, that’s fine, great in fact because your mind is now open to all options, let’s start off with the main focal point of any bedroom, your bed. Now, Double? Single? King-size? Or are you lucky enough to have space for a Queen Size, it’s all quite overwhelming at first but let’s find a design you like and we’ll think about that later. Take a look at the Bordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic Bed, for example, if expertly hand-carved ornate design is your thing, then this Shabby Chic Bed is perfect for you.

Bordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic Bed – Part of the White & Ivory Bed Section

If you’re looking for something a little more simple but still want to bring a touch of Shabby Chic style to your home, then don’t worry because HomesDirect 365 has something for everyone, just take a look at the Britany Shabby Chic Bed, offering the same gorgeous antique white finish as the last but instead it has been finished to compliment a more simple but elegant style of bed frame.

Britany Shabby Chic Bed – Part of the White & Ivory Bed Section

Continuing the bedroom theme, you’re going to need some other pieces to match with whichever Shabby Chic Bed you plan on purchasing, so how about a bedside table next. You’re in for a treat as we have just recently got this wonderful Shabby Chic Bedside table in stock, the Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside Table will fit all your bedside needs due to the 2 drawer design and plentiful tabletop space, whilst giving your room the essence of the Chic style that you desire.

Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside Table – Part of  the Antique White Bedside Section


Want something a little more out there or perhaps you require more storage space by your bedside, then check out these two bedside tables, a perfect example of the high-quality furniture we at HD365 love to bring to our customers.

Estelle Bedside Table – Part of the Silver Bedside Section


Baroque Gold Bedside – Part of the Gold Bedside Section



Continuing the theme of storage, here at HomesDirect365 we offer plenty of different options for solving your storage problem, from traditional chests to tall boys and bottom of the bed blanket boxes. It’s all really up to you but if you’re a little stuck, take a look at the images below and hopefully draw some inspiration from these lovely Shabby Chic options.

La Rochelle Chest – Part of the Antique White Chest of Drawers Section


La Rochelle Tall Boy – Part of the Silver Chest Of Drawers Section


Victorian Blanket Box – Part of the Blanket Box Section


Hopefully we have inspired you to make the change to Shabby Chic Furniture or to add on to your already beautiful collection, we offer plenty more Shabby Chic Bedroom furniture than we have just spoken about above, from dressing tables and cheval mirrors to extra storage pieces like console tables and wardrobes, come have a look around!

Come and have a look at our full shabby chic range on the page below


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Finding the right colours is hard, very hard. It’s often a painstakingly long task that can take months to come to a firm decision!

If you are like me, then you probably know the feeling of an overwhelming abundance of choice. In this day and age, we have the option of aesthetic choice and colour for most purchases.

Just last week, I had finally chosen a new car, brilliant! But with the plethora of colours available, I was stuck. Do I opt for the classic white or black car or choose a more vibrant colour, a deep blue? a cool racing red? or go for gold? I did in the end, opt for a practical black. Well, it would save me having to wash it every time I took the dog or the kids out in it!

With furniture, however, especially shabby chic furniture it can be a totally different story. Choosing the right colour is paramount and fitting it in with your current interior can be vital. It would look slightly odd having a bright blue bed in a vintage French style bedroom!

Follow our simple yet very effective guide and colour palette below to help you choose the perfect shabby chic colours for your home.




A very good starting point is to have in mind a selection of colours to choose from. Having a colour set in mind is perfect when looking to match a new purchase or invigorate and update a current piece.

Take the above colour palette, using these soft and neutral colours are perfect for almost any shabby chic furniture. They are very soft and have a vintage cottage appeal to them. Have a look below at some beautiful furniture pieces from for some inspiration. – Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet – £159.99 – Annaelle Antique French Style Bed – From £399.99



Colour schemes are also paramount when choosing how to accessorise your home. For the shabby chic look, opt for accessories using the palette above – this will ensure a constant country theme is kept in mind.

One of our favourites is the duck egg table lamp, this beautiful piece won’t look out of place in any setting, slotting into any shabby chic décor perfectly whilst also adding practical charm. – Duck Egg Ribbed Leaf Table Lamp – £54.99




Nothing beats fresh sheets or bedding! Now you have the perfect excuse to update your bedroom bedding, be sure to take into account the colour of them. Stay away from very dark colours and opt for very light, soft and neutral colours, colours that you would typically associate with a country cottage theme. This will ensure your shabby chic bedroom will look very stylish and co-ordinated with the famous shabby chic country cottage style. – Taupe Ashby Quilted Bedspread – £154.99



Looking to decorate your home in the highly sought after and beautiful shabby chic style? Then be sure to check out Homesdirect365 for some of the most beautiful shabby chic furniture pieces around.


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Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture;

15 years ago we all used the word ‘eclectic’, now we’re into the ‘industrial style’ furniture design, but one which is often thrown around is, ‘Shabby Chic Furniture…’ Is it a buzz word like the aforementioned? We often hear many buzz words, most of which can last a matter of weeks or months. But is shabby chic one of them?

The term was excessively used in the early 21st century to give a name to the popular distressed, aged and historical style furniture. These extremely popular furniture pieces were effectively given a new lease of life with purpose. ‘Shabby Chic’, a term which is used very frequently in this modern day and age, but is it here to stay and will it last the test of time?

The word ‘vintage’ has stayed strong for generations, but with shabby chic’s new lease of life, these two very similar terms have been used coinciding with one another to create a full new furniture design trend.


From the shabby chic furniture range



Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture



From the shabby chic dining room furniture range




What Happened To Minimalist?

In the not so distant past, you will have noticed all the fuss and buzzword was about being ‘minimalistic’. White, white and whiter… plain blank walls with not much individualistic to them.

If you were to stay in a newly built or decorated hotel, you will have noticed they all practically looked identical, all looking very bland with none having any character. The hallways and carpets often consisted of pale and very neutral colour with the sparse pictures hung were usually very plain.

Looking back this doesn’t sound appealing; however it suited the times and the trends very well – it suited the popular bleak minimalism focus of interior design. Minimalist hotel and furniture design style décor have taken a few post-recession years to fully disappear, but it is definitely history and won’t be making a return anytime soon! Phew!



Goodbye minimalist and hello creativity… as we grow as a culture, we strive for individuality, to express ourselves in a creative outlet; thankfully furniture design and décor has given us the ultimate platform.

From abstract designed furniture pieces to a colourful and vibrant colour scheme, people are now actively collecting beautiful vintage, recycled and retro objects and using them to create their very own unique décor scheme.  Be it a simple distressed window-sill ornament or a fully upcycled bedroom suite… DIY and décor are back.

Décor these days has moved away from the modest social status and is now more about personality, a reflection of your personality. With shabby chic consisting of a wide style and variety of décor designs, it’s fair to say that shabby chic furniture style is here to stay.


So, What Actually Is Shabby Chic

Well, shabby chic or shabby chic bedroom furniture is pretty much down to personal preference and can generally be characterised by a worn, aged and distressed yet beautiful appearance.

Historically it was very similar to antique French style furniture, with exuberant and ornate detailing. Think of the famous rooms in the TV-hit series Downton Abbey, the furniture pieces used are certainly not bland.



As centuries went by it became more aged and rustic looking, often consisting of many paint layers and sanded down to achieve a distressed look. Also sometimes known as farmhouse or cottage style, the colours used are often very warm and friendly and can vary between pale pastel colours such as blues and reds to a more textured oak appearance.

The initial thought of decorating a full room in shabby chic furniture might seem like too much for some, so decorating and striking the balance between distressed country farmhouse with some fresh and new pieces can look utterly stunning.

That’s not to say anything is wrong with a full shabby chic décor, in-fact it can epitomise the old English country cottage appearance. The 2006 romantic film The Holiday, written and directed by Nancy Meyers used this style for Kate Winslet’s old English cottage, Rosehill Cottage. The interior has been decorated using a full shabby chic design – from the old fireplace guard to the beautifully looking rustic bookcase.


The beautiful exterior and interior of Rosehill Cottage from The Holiday




How to Incorporate Shabby Chic

Here’s the great news… there is no set or a defined way to incorporate this beautiful style in your home. You could simply opt for a few delicate shabby chic ornaments or you could go the full haul and have all your furniture shabby chic.

Go big or go small, that’s the wonderful thing with shabby chic furniture, it can look absolutely beautiful no matter how little or how much of it you decide to use. From a little quaint console table to a full room, the choice can be down to your preference.

So experiment and look at furniture pieces that are individual and reflect your personality… or you could even design your own!

Shabby Chic Furniture Read more on:

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Shabby chic furniture the fashionable antique


Shabby chic furniture has a unique design that has found favour with numerous interior designers over the years. This is a style centered on furniture pieces and accessories considered appealing because of visible wear and tear among other signs of age. This technique may incorporate either genuinely period pieces or new accessories but deliberately distressed and crafted to exhibit a “worn” look.

Aside from looking weathered or aged, these items usually share a particular style such as being soft, being decorative and ornate without appearing too imposing or grand and or create a homely feel.  In general, these style exhibits more of a vintage than typical antique look and features more creative and quirky combinations rather than the usual trait of a stringent historical style centered on a precise period as is with antique pieces.

Here are a few of our examples below

Homes Direct 365


From the shabby chic bathroom range

Ivory antique vanity unit


From the shabby chic bedroom furniture range

Shabby Chic Bed in ivory with diamonte headboard

From the shabby chic dressing table range

Shabby chic dressing table




Shabby Chic” was first mentioned early in the eighties in Britain by one designer in an interview with an American magazine “The World of Interiors“. In that period, the world was starting to see a new wave of decorative styles centered on paint effects and paints whose origin was in Britain.

Rachel Ashwell, a then renowned designer, used this same term in describing her style in the eighties when she came to America and its popularity gradually grew so significantly that she not only adopted it as her business name, but she also trademarked it later (in 1989). By then, this style was widely popular on the American West Coast region in areas such as San Francisco and LA.

There, different interior designers sought inspiration from different Mediterranean styles such as seen in Italy or France and were influenced by both the Louis XIV style antiques and the splendor of the French state living style.



Currently, with the freshly renewed interest in vintage, Shabby Chic has quickly assumed more relevance than ever and are now finding constant use in modern homes. Why? You can quickly create or bring them into your home even without any significant DIY experience. Nowadays you can “chic up” old furniture pieces such as a wardrobe, table or chair by using a white color ranging from warm cream to bright white.

What’s more, elements of this striking and unique style can be combined easily with typical home décors like sliver accents, shabby chic mirrors, mirrored tables, and appealing furniture pieces to inspire a revamped interior design in any room in your home.

Its popularity in modern homes is just due to its simplicity-it requires no pristine condition. Say several yellow curtains, a hole here, or a stain there, just to add a spark to the feel.

Shabby Chic Fabric Chairs



For anyone seeking to upgrade a room in their home in an entirely new style but are short of funds, Shabby Chic is among the most cost-efficient means to decorate a home. Contrary to numerous interior design styles that are quite popular today, this technique requires no “special” expertise.

Shabby Chic is typically a timeless design deficient in official rules. This style calls for typical furniture accessories and pieces to exhibit an appearance of not just age, but regular wear and tear characterised by pastel-based colours across the room.

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Shabby chic furniture neoclassical origins

Distressed, elegant, aged and distinctively timeless are all terms used when commonly describing shabby chic furniture.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Design


If we are looking to date shabby chic furniture back to its origins then we have to look no further than King Gustav III of Sweden. Keeping rein of his throne from 1771 to 1792, Gustav was a hugely passionate king who was in awe of the fashion and styles used in theatre and art. From the long colourful and elegantly draping dresses the women would wear when watching a local theatre play, to the pulled up socks or clean cut shin length boots the men would so eloquently wear… it was easy to see what made him fall in love.


!8th Century Colonial Fashion Models


As a lover of art and theatre, this drove Gustav to frequently visit the French court. At that time the French were under the long reign of King Louis XVI, an equally passionate man who also was partially fond of the arts. During his visits Gustav became a huge admirer of the commonly used neoclassical furniture style. These styles predominantly featured lightly warn and distressed antique French pieces upholstered in a variety of unique floral fabrics.

Once falling in love with the neoclassical style, it was only a matter of time until Gustav began creating his own luxurious furniture pieces, taking huge inspiration from the French. All Gustav’s pieces where created with style and to such a hand carved high quality, all where no doubt set to for the test of time and to last generations.

The first thought that comes to mind when we think shabby chic in England, is the old house country cottages, each with its own personal character, all with small yet charming exterior features… But delving deeper inside, we can initially picture the old and lightly distressed chest of drawers opposite a natural wood crackling fire. The large and beautifully coloured bookcase filled with novels and the creaking yet sturdy stairs leading up to a bedroom filled with stunning aged accessories and ornaments. The tranquil and picturesque setting of shabby chic at its finest.


Shabby Chic Fireplace in a Cottage


So how did it come to be? Well, as Gustav III crafted and carved his furniture to such a high standard, no surprises were to be made when his furniture was still around centuries later. This is when the originating term, distressed appeal was invented. With the quality and well made furniture pieces all still in one piece and perfectly functional, the only difference was they had aged. With the pieces showing slight aging on the wood and minor scuffs they still epitomised quality and exuberant luxury… this was the truly the start of shabby chic.

With its timeless design and quality reputation of solid furniture, it’s no surprise how it has lasted centuries…

Fast forward to the 21st century and we can still see the hugely popular shabby chic furniture in homes today, all enriched with styles and designs from Gustav III’s legacy.

From practical sturdy wardrobes to small décor features such as plant stands and photo frames, the shabby chic furniture style has developed and branched out into all forms and will no doubt continue prosper for centuries to come.

Shabby Chic Home Accessories


Now to look at some of our shabby chic furniture pieces

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Furniture Range


A couple of TV cabinets

Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet



Wooden Antique French Style TV Cabinet


Shabby chic bedroom furniture

A couple of shabby chic beds

Estelle Antique French Style Bed


Antique French Style Bed


A couple of shabby chic dressing tables


Rococo Antique French Dressing Table Set


Estelle Antique French Style Dressing Table Set


Be sure to check out some of out other ranges

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Cheval Mirrors

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Chest Of Drawers

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Console Tables

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Screens

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Manequins

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Bedside Tables

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Bathroom Furniture

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Dining Furniture

Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Seating




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The history and evolution of the bed and mattress

One might think that beds are purely functional. After all, we are unconscious for most of the time we are using them. However, over time they have been, and still are, status symbols of the highest importance. They are or can be also one of the most expensive items of household furniture that we buy. A trip to a furniture store unfolds a dazzling array of these things we hardly ever really see. The price ranges are enormous and the variety astounding.


Let’s look at how beds have evolved and changed over the years.

In pre-history, beds were very rudimentary affairs. Maybe a pit was dug and grass and hay thrown in with a goatskin on top for a bit of added comfort. This lasted for a very long time, and it was not until the renaissance period that beds started to be thought of differently. The people of this era were much more ostentatious in their outlook and status was becoming very important to the wealthy families of Italy and France particularly. The idea of this kind of status also permeated into Great Britain. A look at the contents of the bedrooms of some of the grandest houses in the UK demonstrates this almost obsession with grandeur and decoration. Baroque and rococo bedrooms had huge four poster bed in them. So, not only had the bed risen off the floor, it now also had walls.

Photo source:


Photo of the ritz hotel bedroom LondonPhoto source:


For the sleeper, the most important part of a bed is the mattress. Not only did raising the bed off the floor eliminate pests and vermin, it also provided a decent platform for a new innovation, the mattress.

The first mattresses were usually made of hay or some other suitable organic material. They progressed into being cotton stuffed and then to being stuffed with feathers. These beds were, however not as comfortable as some would wish and a great deal scientific inventiveness went into the design of mattresses.

There were two breakthroughs roughly one hundred years apart. There is discussion about the geographical origin of the first but there is no doubt about its roots. In the late nineteenth century, a German engineer produced the first car. Of that, there is no doubt. That car needed to have a smooth ride. Somebody invented coil springs in order to achieve this. The original leaf springs did not suit the rich people who owned cars.

Thankfully we have some very comfortable mattresses today as a result in the evolution of technology and peoples love of sleep and comfort, here are a few from our selection:

Sleepzone® springs, providing almost twice the support of bonnell units

Traditionally tufted pillowtop for superlative comfort Multiple fillings

Damask top

Vertical white damask border No turn – rotate regularly

Mattress depth: 30cm

Handles: 4

Vents: 2

Comfort Rating: Medium / Firm

Sealy PostureTech 620 spring system

Memory foam comfort layer

Correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains

Eco-friendly Tencel fibres help keep you cool and dry



What does this have to do with sleep? Somebody realised that a whole bunch of coil springs spread flat with a nice cotton covering to keep the springs away from the body would be a really great surface to sleep on. The coil spring mattress was born.

The second breakthrough was also, possibly, a result automotive engineering. One of the properties of a liquid is that it cannot be compressed. This idea was used in hydraulic dampers for car suspension systems. It is also used for the transmission of power. Somebody filled a very large bag with water and sat on. The water did not compress, it cannot, so it moved aside. This somebody felt that sleeping on such a hydraulic platform might be very comfortable. So, roughly one hundred years after metal springs to sleep on, we have hydraulic dampers. Hail the waterbed.

Still, science has not finished with sleeping innovation. NASA, the USA space agency, also got into the act. They needed to keep their astronauts comfortable whilst weightless. The result of this need was, yes, memory foam. This product is now widely used and readily available. Who says the space program is a waste of money.

You can view a timeline of mattresses over history from humble straw to NASA (memory foam) in this following article:


So with all the history and science out of the way shall we now look at some of the range of beds from our modern & contemporary bedroom furniture sets?

Items from our Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Range


Minuet Bed

Manufactured in a combination of tropical hardwood & veneers with a beautiful Wenge finish the elegant Minuet bedroom collection is a delight to behold. Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Minuet Bed

Baltimore Low Foot End Bed

We are proud to welcome to our collection of modern and contemporary furniture this exceptional bed from the Baltimore collection. Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, this bed featuring a low foot end is sure to impress. Working wonderful brightening uo your home either on its own or alongside our other ranges.

Montpellier Antique French Style Bed

Made From Solid Mindy Wood

Slatted Base

Easy Assemble

This Item Comes Flat-Packed

Montpellier Blanc Antique French Style Bed

Natural Solid Mindi Wood


This Item Comes Flat-Packed



Items from out contemporary dressing table sets


Montpellier Dressing Table Set

Solid Mindy Wood

Stool & Mirror Included

Freestanding Mirror To Be Fixed On wall




Minuet Twin Pedestal Dressing Table Set

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Minuet Twin Pedestal Dressing Table Set. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Minuet Twin Pedestal Dressing Table Set will be sure to amaze

Please Note Stool & Mirror Not Included
Add some additional modern style and beauty in your wonderful home today with this fantastic new dressing table from the Baltimore collection. Handcrafted and carefully build from the finest of natural materials, this solid natural wood dresser will astound and brighten up your bedroom in an instant.


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The feng shui modern & contemporary bedroom furniture

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The feng shui modern & contemporary bedroom furniture

When we think modern and contemporary furniture what initially springs to mind… Is it the futuristic room sets from your favourite sci-fi film or perhaps you envisage it placed throughout multi-billion dollar start-up companies? Well it is in fact all around us, and has been since the late 19th century.

Historically bedroom furniture was crafted by hand. Just imagine all those painstaking manual labour hours used to carve your favourite extortionately priced bedroom chair or dressing table piece alike… it was truly only for the very wealthy. That is until mass production first came to light. The theory of hugely accessible and affordable furniture pieces all machine made where too popular to turn down and appealed to the masses. Also referred to as functionalism, this helped popularise the modern furniture designs that we have come to know and love today.

With affordable furniture pieces available in mass, this encouraged designers and craftsman to think more ‘outside the box’, experimenting with an array of materials such as woods, metals, plastics and glass, the future of modern and contemporary furniture was arriving. With designers constantly thriving to outshine one another and develop the next best thing, this trend was evolving… and evolving fast it was!

From solid glass bedroom furniture pieces to cut fabric furniture, interior designers and manufactures are constantly pushing the boundaries to create a uniquely modern and abstract envisioned future.


So, is there a huge difference between modern and contemporary furniture I hear you ask? Well contemporary furniture is often referred to as modern furniture and can essentially be classed as the same thing, predominantly featuring smooth simplistic designs that can be placed in an array of settings. Take the dressing table for example, once sought after was a highly luxurious dresser finished in gold leaf, now however, the dresser is a classic and often at times over simplified practical piece.

If we go back to the early 16th century, extravagantly designed antiqued furniture was tremendously popular; it would be rare to find an ornate crown or delicately carved scrolls on any piece. From handcarved solid wood chests to luxurious detailed grand beds, there was no hiding from big, bold and hugely decorated pieces.

As time developed and the world’s economy improved, inventions advanced and trends changed, the antique style was gaining much less popularity.

The phase ‘more is less’ defiantly applies to current furniture trends. Moving away from big ornate designs and favouring simplistic clean-cut pieces, this steadily gave way to what we know and call modern and contemporary furniture.


Kingsize Annecy Weathered Bed


Montpellier Blanc Antique French Style Bed



Industrial Aluminium Coffee Table


With fashion trends rapidly changing, day to day places and ‘moods’ are now becoming highly influential by designers and crafters. Take a small delinquent and smoothly polished coffee table which is said to be inspired by ‘calm’ compared to an abstract and twisted leg table which is said to represent the ‘hustle and bustle of urban life’. We now have the choice to select furniture pieces based on what mood we are trying to achieve when designing our bedroom!

With the Chinese philosophical term ‘Feng Shui’ now a popular word used when describing bedroom arrangement (wonderful examples here), modern and contemporary furniture is a very suitable choice. The theory of feng shui symbolises an environment that is calm and harmonised, so it’s easy to see why the current modern clean cut designs appeal very aptly.

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How to arrange your flat and pack furniture together right?



Have you ever visited a friend’s flat only to get taken aback by the awkward furniture arrangement? Or is it your own place that feels somewhat cramped or anonymous and bare?

Then, maybe, you should consider rearranging your furnishings to optimise space, enhance functionality and bring up that homely feel your place has been lacking.


But where to start?

And what should you keep in mind when you get things moving?

1. Find the right balance

We have to clear up one thing here. Balance doesn’t necessarily mean symmetry. So don’t get the tape measure out to calculate distances and jot down the exact space measurement between the wall and the sofa in inches. Instead, place feature pieces in such a way that they naturally correspond to each other.

Just picture your two comfy armchairs, positioned strategically askew in the two corners of the narrow side of your living room, separated by an ellipse coffee table. Or you could move your settee closer to the fireplace and get off the conventional path of “gluing” all your furniture to the wall. This way, you will immediately achieve a cosier feel, a floating look and better functionality.

After all, who wants to relax in a sitting area that resembles a dentist’s waiting room?

Avoid grouping together ill-matched furniture, such as wooden chairs, positioned opposite a futon bed, for instance. Promote conversation by creating intimate seating areas, so verbal exchange between people is comfortably audible.  


2. Embrace the concept of zoning

The idea works for large open-space rooms, which can accommodate more than just the essentials. Experiment and create several designated areas for different activities.

So, you could concoct a compact home office next to the TV-watching zone by using the sofa as a convenient partition. Another idea is to set up a separate dining area in your living room instead of having lap meals in front of the TV. The options for utilising your large living space are vast, so be adventurous and try out different scenarios like a bar perhaps, based on your lifestyle and family needs.

Ensure that you begin your interior rearrangement by determining the right starting point. It’s simply much easier to find a good spot for the large furniture first and float around the smaller pieces to form separate activity zones.


3. Work with the space you have

So, your flat is on the small side?

Then, considering space limitations is a key to achieving comfort and good function, without compromising aesthetics. This means that you need to reevaluate your interior design taste and style. Do you really need all these overly decorative features in a small room? In other words, simplicity and essentiality are the leading concepts that you should follow, in order to accomplish a clean and functional look for your room.

For instance, you can say goodbye to floor lamps that take up space and install a few wall-mounted light fixtures. You can also consider replacing the two small coffee tables with one if you reconfigure the seating arrangement.


Think out of the box and swap rooms if you need to. You don’t have to feel constrained by convention and do exactly what “it says on the label”. So, why not move your narrow living room into the large master bedroom? After all, you fall asleep every night without fail. So, is your bedroom size that important?

4. Are you forgetting functionality?

Do you always risk bumping your head in the bottom bookshelf every time you want to get up from the sofa? Or how many times you ask visitors to mind the step when they move their chairs to leave the dinner table?

Ensure that furniture is arranged in a way that is functional and comfortable to use.

Use space in a smart fashion and place the furniture to fit every situation. This means that you shouldn’t have to ask your guests to move when you need to reach for the napkins in the kitchen drawer.


5. Discover multi-function

Multifunctional pieces of furniture or interior features can make daily life a breeze. Scrap the heavy ironing board and de-wrinkle your laundry on the breakfast bar table, once the kids have gone to school. These are rather rare but if you own an antique cabinet with a fall down door,  you can use it as a coffee table if you place a couple of armchairs on each side of the unit.

Another great option is using flat pack furniture. Ready-to-assembled units offer a wide range of customisable solutions, more popular as hacks. “An experienced flat pack assembler could offer tens of solutions for hacking a simple unit like a wardrobe, bunk bed, kitchen set and etc.” – Dmtro Kara / Ikea flat pack assembler (London)

You don’t have to improvise by repurposing your furniture. The market is inundated with clever multifunctional furniture designs that can suit your individual needs.

6. What’s wrong with small sized furniture?

Nothing! Smaller pieces have versatility and offer more functional and flexible interior design solutions. For example, a large oversized bookcase can fit on one wall only, whereas two or three smaller units can be positioned differently to create more space and improve style.

“Also, small-size furniture naturally sets off comfort and functionality in smaller rooms, which is a great way to improve the overall look and feel of a property, especially prior a sale. So, if you are restricted with space and you want the best deal, try to eschew large and bulky furniture pieces.” – M. Whitman / Accelerate Homes (UK)

Play with focal points! You don’t necessarily need a wall-size mirror in a small living room when you can cleverly reflect the room with two smaller ones.


7. Show that you care about traffic

Rooms with multiple entries should be furnished with traffic flow in mind. Avoid placing a large piece or a seating grouping where they may obstruct free movement. Leave enough space between the sofa and the coffee table, so people can pass through without knocking a glass or stepping on someone’s foot.

Takeaway: Make sure that traffic flows naturally throughout the room. People should also navigate in between rooms in a smooth and unobstructed manner. If zigzagging is the only way, something’s wrong with your furniture arrangement.

8. Comfort is a key

Who would be happy to endure an entire movie on an uncomfortable settee?

Add some cushions to your main seating furniture to ensure comfort and pleasant relaxation. Also, think convenience by avoiding furniture arrangements of awkwardly positioned pieces. There is nothing more unthoughtful than making people stretch, lean or get up every time they need to reach for their drink.

Style and design do not have to be at the expense of comfort. If people get a neck pain every time they watch a programme on your TV, then it is likely that the set has not been installed at the right height.

9. Consider room shape

Venture with angles when arranging furniture in spacious square rooms. Placing large pieces diagonally achieves a floating feel and helps direct the eye towards other focal points in the room. But if your living room is long and narrow, stay away from positioning furniture askew. This way, you will prevent the room from looking cluttered and overly furnished. Instead, ensure simplicity by utilising space through existing features.

For instance, place a narrow bookcase next to the protruding corner to keep things aligned. Or furnish the small alcove with a wall light and move the floor lamp to a different room.

Long rooms that fall on the dysfunctional side can be easily split into two rooms. Whether you use a physical partition like a screen divider, such as a bookcase or you showcase their different roles through the type of furniture you fit in each section, you can have two well-functioning zones that suit a specific activity or pastime.

10. Think inspired view

Reconsider your furniture arrangement if the result is a bare, ugly or blocked view. If you are not an art lover, install a large mirror on the blank white wall. Hide the slightly ripped and unaesthetically looking back of your sofa by moving the piece, so the back faces the wall.

Open up the room by moving furniture, which partially blocks the window. Allow more natural light in the room and enjoy the view. And furniture backs don’t look great from the outside, either!

You may be used to the way things are at home but a visitor will notice everything that is “off” with the room. So, ensure to make that first impression!

11. It’s all in the small detail

Accentuate specific features by placing them in view, whether it is a pretty vase, a modern sculpture or a colourful fruit bowl. Also, you may not have noticed that two of the dining chairs are not placed on the rug but your guest may well do. Or why not align properly the slightly tilted painting on the wall, so you can emphasise its artistic quality?

Detail matters. It’s simple as that!

12. Good lighting is your friend

Lighting is important in every interior design project. If planned carefully, it can expand a room or change its ambience.You can also use lighting to complement your furniture arrangement or bring out a specific focal point in the room. With the right positioning of light fixtures and lamps, you can enhance your interior and achieve a particular look and style.


You don’t necessarily have to follow the existing light fittings when you rearrange your furniture. For instance, you can easily resort to professional assistance, in order to move off-centre light fixtures. By relocating the light over the table, you will be able to light up your dining area without having to fit the furniture grouping in an ill-suited place.

Final takeaway

Always consider the scale and proportion of your furniture pieces, as well as the room’s size and shape. This will help you arrange your furniture in the most comfortable, functional and aesthetic way that fits your personal style and matches your preferences.

The key is to experiment and try out different ideas. So, don’t be afraid and go for it!

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