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Choosing The Right French Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Choosing The Right Wooden Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring

Before we get onto furnishings for your hardwood flooring, lets talk a bit about hardwood flooring… simply put, hardwood and wooden flooring can make absolutely stunning and sleek stylish options for virtually any room throughout your home. Its extremely easy to upkeep and can work wonders in any home décor scheme and compliment any furniture piece, from antique French style to a more modern or contemporary apparel, hardwood flooring is definitely the answer!

What Is Sustainable Wood?

Sustainable wood is from rain forests or forests that are sustainably managed. The forest landscape of wood is heavily managed by experts to prevent damage to trees, wildlife, watersheds, and ecosystems themselves whilst also minimising the effects of deforestation.

The opposite to sustainable wood is wood that is collected and chopped down by machinery to leave open bare patches of land without any thought as to whether this wood or trees will return to its previous state.

How About Acacia Wood Flooring

Often renowned for being sourced in an eco-friendly way, Acacia wood is a natural beauty when it comes to the appearance of wood. Known for its rich brown and gold colour, this wood is a very fast growing source of sustainable wood. With well over one thousand different varieties of Acacia wood grown all over the globe, it is extremely eco-friendly due to its fast growth and abundance.

With Acacia wood less susceptible to mass deforestation and its natural sturdy and strong infrastructure, it makes Acacia flooring one of the favourite choices of eco-friendly hardwood in your home.

Timber Hardwood Flooring

With the focus now firmly on environmentally friendly wood sources, Timber wood is always recommended for building and flooring.

Manufacturing timer building materials produce as close to zero carbon emissions. The majority of manufacturing building is a very long winded process which often involves chemicals and very high emissions, obtaining timer is a relatively simple and low-cost process that hasn’t changed for generations.

Using timer flooring can be a waste-less process, as timber is gathered all of the waste can be used as firewood or sawdust, creating a virtually zero waste process.

Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Technically speaking, Bamboo isn’t actually a wood but instead, it’s a grass. A grass that is unsurprisingly strong and grows at an exorbitantly fast rate making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can be even stronger than wood and is often considered a higher quality. Not only distinctive in quality but bamboo is also a dimensional stable option – reacting well to fluctuating temperatures and humidity making it not only perfect choice for a quality hardwood flooring option but a very practical choice. For a further detailed insight to bamboo, be sure to check out the Wood Database

Bamboo hardwood flooring is also considered eco-friendly, with it classed as a regenerating grass; it grows much faster than alternative hardwood flooring options. The cost to harvest is minimal and requires virtually no pesticides.

Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring For Your Furniture?

When choosing what wooden flooring to use for your furniture pieces, many often think of going the route of laminate flooring over hardwood. Why should you opt for one over the other? Well, read on below for a quick guide to helping you choose.



Hardwood Flooring

  • Robust and not easily damaged or scratched by moving furniture around
  • Hardwood flooring is a man-made product that is crafted from natural materials such as those mentioned above and is often 100% wood.
  • Extremely difficult to install and requires advanced tools – usually installed by a professional
  • More expensive than the laminate alternative
  • Durability – will last a lifetime and more!
  • Well maintained hardwood has a better resale value compared to laminate
  • A more natural and attractive look


Laminate Flooring

  • Easily scratched – can be troublesome moving furniture pieces without marking or damaging laminate
  • Thin fiberboard topped with the appearance of natural wood or stone
  • Extremely easy to install – slots together like a jigsaw
  • A much cheaper alternative than hardwood flooring
  • Durability – If well kept a maximum of 10 years. Water scratches and wear and tear can dramatically shorten the lifespan of laminate flooring
  • Little re-sale value in comparison to hardwood
  • From a distance, some higher quality laminate can look like hardwood but up close, not so much. A frequent problem with laminates is the repetitive pattern used to frequently.

For a more in-depth guide be sure to check out Freshome’s extensive list here.

As you have probably gathered, hardwood flooring is a quality addition to any household and perfect for placing an array of furniture pieces on, it may be more expensive and harder to install than its counterpart but offers aesthetics and longevity combined. Providing your budget can stretch to solid hardwood and you can get it professionally installed, this is usually the better choice out of the two. For the ultimate in hardwood flooring be sure to check out MacWoods for the ultimate selection in hardwood flooring.


Where to use Hardwood Flooring and How to Furnish and Treat?

Over decades hardwood flooring has become a hugely popular material for covering your floors. Once installed, it can look exceptional in any setting (modern or vintage), low maintenance, extremely durable and can look absolutely gorgeously stunning.

Hardwood flooring is timeless, so weather you opt to use in it your modern & contemporary styled dining room or use it for a French style country cottage living room, the results will always be stylish and never going out of trend


Treating Hardwood Flooring in Your Bathroom  

The bathroom is one of the most practical rooms to have hardwood flooring in. With many spills from the bath or sink units, hardwood flooring makes it extremely easy to simply wipe the floor dry without having to worry. Not to mention, natural wood in a bathroom helps keep warmth in and looks stunning in virtually any interior design scheme. Below we have opted to place a vintage French style vanity unit on a natural hardwood floor, the results can be simply breathtaking.

Before you go ahead, it’s worth considering that additional care when installing wood flooring in your bathroom is required;

  • Waterproof Finish – Simple as it may sound, make sure to use a waterproof coating on the wood so liquid doesn’t wear away the woods protective layer
  • Installation – Opt to have your wood flooring installed with adhesive or a ‘click together’ method. Traditionally, wood flooring was installed by nailing planks directly to the sub-floor, this can create small holes that moisture would eventually find its way into thus damaging the structural compound


Transform any Basement with Hardwood Flooring

Your initial thought might be: why would I choose wood flooring for my basement? But choosing hardwood for your basement can transform even the daintiest and dull basements into a brighter, attractive and liveable room. Similar to the bathroom, opting for hardwood can help keep it warm and welcoming.

Unfortunately, water damage to basements isn’t a rarity, so follow the steps below stringently before installing;

  • All pipes and machinery that requires water are fully intact
  • Keep a humidifier to check humidity levels
  • A sump pump is available and in working order
  • Moisture barrier is installed
  • Irrigation – make sure grade level water moves away from the house or is diverted successfully

Furnishing Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Warmth, beauty, and cosiness combined… nothing quite beats a tranquil and beautiful bedroom by having solid hardwood flooring. Making furniture stand out and providing elegance in a plethora of interior design schemes, hardwood is the ultimate flooring choice for furnishing any bedroom.

Once the flooring is done, it’s now time to furnish your new hardwood flooring bedroom. For the highest quality in antique French style or Modern furniture be sure to check out Homesdirect365

Take the beautiful examples below, a distinctive antique French style bed and stunning silver french style chest has been placed on wooden bedroom flooring.

Estelle Antique French Style Bed


La Rochelle 2 Drawer Antique French Style Chest

Choosing The Right French Furniture For Your Hardwood Flooring is available on HD365

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Furnishing Your Girls Bedroom

‘Maam, where’s my pencil case’, ‘Maaaam where’s my tablet charger’, if you’re a parent you have no doubt have heard these words, or similar a thousand times from your little girl. Wouldn’t it be great if your little girl’s bedroom was organised so you wouldn’t hear those words again… well… it could happen… right!?

Decorating your little one’s bedroom is no easy feat by any means. Your little girl’s bedroom is a safe haven, tranquil from the world as she grows up, to have it decorated in such way is only fitting for your little princess. Having your daughter’s bedroom both beautiful and practical whilst at the same time being organised can seem like a mammoth task. Well, us at have thankfully taken the weight off your shoulders with a few brilliant tips below.

Start with a theme and work backwards, if like my daughters, yours is obsessed with being a princess or fairy then start with a nice fitting colour for the walls and doors (pink in my case) and gradually work your way backwards getting the big furniture pieces first until all you need is a few simple accessories.

Choosing the main feature colour is the easy part! Now it’s time to find the perfect bed for your little one. You could opt for a practical and simple bunk bed, perfect for siblings or sleepovers with friends. You could also go the direction of a classic French style bed which is grand, exuberant and simply breathtaking. – £359.99 – From £349.99


Once you have successfully found the perfect bed, it’s now time to start with the rest of the furniture pieces. You could opt to go for a full matching set including Bed, bedside, chest of drawers and dressing table or alternatively you could go for a bit of contrasting colour and a mixture of styles and designs, both can work just as good as each other.

Mirror, mirror… that’s right, every girl needs a full-length mirror, it’s a necessity! Be sure to look no further than our gorgeous Isabella shabby chic mirror, finished in rose and white, this charming shabby chic mirror will look exquisite in a variety bedrooms. Wanting something a bit simpler? Then make sure you take a look at our marvellous Alexander full-length mirrors, featuring a practical and spacious lower drawer and available in either rose-pink or white, this delightful piece will work wonders in any little girl’s bedroom. – £99.99


Last but not least is decorating your girl’s bedroom are the finishing touches. A nice soft and colourful pillow is ideal an ideal touch along with a pretty pattern for the main feature wall. But nothing quite beats a wonderful bedroom décor accessory than a classic retro rocking horse, both beautiful and fun, this past time home accessory can look simply stunning a virtually any setting. In a pink girl’s bedroom, how about a lovely light pink wooden rocking horse? Or for a more neutral colour you could go the direction of a mahogany-finished wooden rocking horse – both are guaranteed to astound. – £219.99 – £369.99


When you next look at decorating your little one’s bedroom, simply plan ahead, work your way backwards and of course, make it pretty. Very easy! Maybe you would like to accessorise it a little from our shabby chic range seen here > HomesDirect365 <

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Decorating Your Boys Bedroom

Decorating your little boy’s bedroom is never an easy task. Especially if your little one goes through phases like mine… one day it’s Spiderman this and Spiderman that, the next week it’s everything Star Wars and that’s not to mention mine has a habit of wanting everything in his favourite colour of the week. So how do you decorate a boy’s room nicely without having to change it up on a weekly basis… this might also help him keep it organised and clean (dreams can come true!).

First and foremost I would advise to keep it basic and simple. The more abstract, eccentric or over the top you go – more often than not, your little one will get bored of it!

Keeping it simple with very neutral colours can give the interior design scheme a more timeless look. Colours in and out of fashion can change as quickly as your child’s mind! One week it’s deep purple, the next it’s Green. Instead of staying on top on what hot and what isn’t, opting for a neutral white or even a very pale colour can guarantee that no matter what month, year or decade it is, it’s still fashionable.

Neutral décor colour schemes also make colour co-ordinating much less of a hassle. Trying to find appropriate furniture to match a deep blue wall with X-men curtains is no easy task.

A classically styled white bunk bed such as the practical one below or even a soccer bed (now football will never go out of fashion, regardless of how much we hope it would!) from can fit nicely in any room. – £369.99


If a white bed is to plain for your liking, then perhaps considering adding some natural wood furniture to brighten up his room. From natural wooden wardrobes to functional bunk beds that feature a little study area for his school work or drawings can be an excellent addition to any children’s room. – £229.99 – £674.99


Having a neutral colour scheme on the walls does not mean you have to sacrifice colour, so don’t be afraid to add a touch. A contrasting chair can even compliment virtually any neutral interior design setting. Take a look at a personal favourite of mine below, the mini white stars armchair. Extremely comfortable and standing at 44cm tall, it’s the perfect height for your boy to watch his favourite television show or DVD. – £84.99


Accessories and finishing touches… my favourite part. Because it’s really easy and not heavy on your purse, you could use this to add a touch of his personality on the room. From a simple shark plaque on the wall or a racing car rug… whatever he’s into. But for that little bit extra, nothing quite adds a touch of style like a retro wooden rocking chair, Ideal as either a home accessory or a playing chair for your boy to entertain himself. – £219.99 – £369.99


When next looking to upgrade or decorate your boy’s room – go for simple, functional and timeless.

Decorating Your Boys Bedroom was first published to homesdirect365

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Is Shabby Chic Trendy and Still In Fashion



With the constant changes and ever so fast evolving modern furniture designs, it can be a tough job to keep up with current interior design trends… so we ask the question, is shabby chic furniture still trendy and in fashion or has the vintage phase ended?

First emerging with great popularity in the 80’s and taking great inspiration from the 18th century of extravagant and simply stunning ornate designed antique French style pieces, the shabby chic design trend stood the test of time and went global. For fashionable shabby chic pieces be sure to check out Homes Direct 365

Fast forward 40 years and you only have to simply turn on the tv or have a stroll through your local market fabric shop to see this style is still at the forefront of interior design in the 21st century.

If you browse the fabric shops you will notice many patterns or designs of rugs and carpets follow the historic shabby chic styles by using vibrant and colourful flowers and vintage shapes. The furniture is also prominently used in your favourite modern-day television soap’s, films or music videos.


Antique French Style Throne Chair (£749.99)


Is shabby chic deco comfort, fashion or a dying trend

Simple… It all comes down to personal preference. For most, the shabby chic interior décor style is based on practicality and comfort with the distressed effects and intricate detailing an added aesthetic bonus.

We generally don’t change or revamp our front rooms every 6 months, so keeping up to date with the ‘next best thing’ in furniture design can become impossible and not very gentle on your purse. But when it comes to fashion and interior design, shabby chic certainly isn’t going anywhere!

Best advice? Find a style you like, a colour scheme you like and take it from there. Whether it’s brand new or old, the great thing about shabby chic furniture is its timelessness and adaptability to coincide with all furniture regardless of it being 200 years old or 1 week old! For some incredible shabby chic furniture pieces or for some inspiration, be sure to check out our full collections here >>  <chic>


Sophia Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set (£459.99)


Why is shabby chic timeless and classic

It can be colourful, it can be vibrant and it can be very bold and extremist however many styles of shabby chic furniture often focus around pastel colours and lighter whites, these colours invariably with light distressing and ornate carvings help give the typical shabby chic furniture pieces a very neutral yet stunningly unique appearance.

The classic shabby chic furniture style can impose itself in any design scheme, the adaptability and simplicity of many pieces can fit seamlessly alongside the more modern clean cut designs. Whereas opting for a more ornate, exuberantly hand carved piece can often help evoke a sense of nostalgia in any environment.


Rococo Antique French Style Bed (From £499.99)


What’s next

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future but it’s a safe bet that the shabby chic style will always be here. With its adaptability and plethora of designs and styles, shabby chic isn’t going anywhere fast!

Are you looking to embrace its historical creation by opting for a country cottage design scheme, or do you want to combine pieces of shabby chic alongside a modern setting? Be sure to let us know


Grey Shabby Chic Wall Cabinet (£74.99)


Rattan Shabby Chic Antique Style Bedside Table (£94.99)



Juliette Shabby Chic TV Unit (£199.99)



IsaBella Dusk Shabby Chic Magazine Rack (£259.99)

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Painting the Perfect Shabby Chic Piece


If you’re like me and often window shop for some beautiful furniture pieces either to revamp or upgrade your family home, then you will no doubt have encountered a frequent problem of mine… I say to myself ‘if only that was white instead of ivory’ way too often!


shabby Chic Furniture


Shabby Chic furniture

With bleak minimalism a thing of the past and the timeless shabby chic interior designs growing each generation, it’s no surprise that shabby chic furniture is one of my favourite styles. With endless options, colours, and styles, you can let your imagination run wild.

So what actually is shabby chic furniture I hear you saying? Originally deriving from 18th century furniture design schemes, the term can be very broad but is often classed as furniture with a beautiful distressed or aged appearance.

Also often known as country cottage style, shabby chic furniture is here to stay for generations to come. Also available online from Homesdirect365

The Perfect Colour

Want to know the brilliant thing about shabby chic furniture? Any colour is good! Whether looking for a natural white, pastel colours or even proffering a bolder black or gold, it doesn’t matter as shabby chic furniture can literally be any colour you desire!

Historically, this popular style generally consisted of light pastel colours, your soft pink and pale green colours. As styles and designs developed over generations, bolder and darker colours are often thrown in with perfect results.


Antique French Style Chest of Drawers (£414.99) –

Shabby Chic Furniture Online From Homesdirect365


How to Paint and Distress Furniture

As obvious as it may sound, don’t just jump straight in and start painting, make sure you visualise what the finished furniture piece will look like. Be confident that the bedside, table or chest you are painting will fit in nicely with the overall appearance and décor of the room. Whether opting to add or revamp your home, always be sure you have at least some idea how it will look as the finished article.

Follow the simple steps below or check out this fantastic video below from Country Chic Paint –



  • Sanding – first and foremost, simply sand down or strip the current colour – a simple piece of sanding paper will do just fine and is inexpensive, for larger items such as wardrobes or beds, several pieces will no doubt be required.
  • Clean – you will want to see how the furniture piece will look in terms of texture before painting, just clean to get rid of all the dirt or leftover debris from sanding. A solution of sugar soap works wonders.


Painting is a little tricky with the most important tip being to make sure the coats of paint are the same consistency

  • First and foremost apply a thick coat of white emulsion whilst being careful to avoid any drips and spillages.
  • Apply the paint colour of your choice – don’t worry about thickness as you will be sanding this down later.
  • Once the first coat is completely dry you can then go ahead and apply a second coat if needed – ideally aim for the same thickness as the first layer for consistency.


Distressing the furniture

  • Once the furniture is dry, you can go ahead and start scraping away areas of pain that would naturally get worn by everyday general use – a putty knife is ideal
  • Don’t peel! Simply cut should any paint start to peel
  • Sanding time again! Gently sand down areas that have been scraped away as previously to achieve that simply stunning vintage worn appeal.
  • Finishing touches – last but not least, apply a coat of varnish or furniture wax if needed for a delightfully soft and well-kept finish.

Remember, there are no limitations on a colour scheme or how aged a piece is, so be creative and have some fun and paint your favourite furniture pieces to match your perfect colour scheme! For some inspiration be sure to check out Homesdirect365


Rattan Shabby Chic Bedside Table (£94.99) –

Shabby Chic Bedside Table


Primitive Shabby Chic Chair (£99.99)

Shabby Chic Seating From Homesdirect365

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Creating Ambiance in Your Living Area

What’s the primary room in every household where the whole family can sit back and relax? The trusted room that everyone after a long, hard day at work can simply unwind, put your feet up and grab a favourite book, watch a movie or simply socialise? That’s right, it’s the living area… or front-room, living-room, lounge whatever you choose to call it, it’s the space we all associate with tranquillity and comfort, a room that we can truly make our own.

Nothing quite beats a tidy, organised and peaceful living area – check out some wonderful preparation tips here. so keep that in mind when designing or decorating your front room and be sure to make changes that work for the full family. Having the layout organised with furniture and decor placed practically so this haven is inviting for everyone in your family home.




This needs little explanation! With the living area being the most social room in the house, it’s paramount that enough seating is available for your family or guests. This could be in the form of a big luxurious corner sofa or a simple yet practical upholstered footstool that can be stored away. When looking for fabric upholstery to use or colours to choose from, you could stick to the trending colour used in your room or you could opt for boldness with a modern


Accent Chair & Footstool


Mirrored Furniture

For the modern and contemporary lover, mirrored furniture might just be the perfect furniture piece for you. Not only is it very sleek and crisp looking with clean cut glass mirrored panels, but it is ideal for giving the appearance for a bigger and brighter room – perfect to unlock the potential of a small living area.

From mirrored side tables to nest of tables, the designs are endless but be sure to have a look at mirrored TV cabinets from Homesdirect365, which are hugely in fashion now, with a nice selection of designs available; you can opt for it placed in the corner or right in the middle of your living room as a gorgeous focal point.


Mirrored TV Cabinet


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

In the past, the famous trend was keeping it neutral. This trend can still be applied today to achieving a blank canvas or when looking for a minimalist appeal, however for a bit of personality, don’t be afraid of colours.

A popular colour scheme is to have the feature wall in your living room and upholstery the same colour; this can provide a matching harmony. Go for colours such as turquoise, deep red, or a plum scheme for the colder winter months to help achieve a warming and cosy setting. For the summer, opt for a light sky blue or pale green.

If you are feeling very bold, you could opt to paint all the walls in your living room!


Contrasting Fabric

Keeping everything the exact same colour can work wonders in some settings, but for most, you will want a bit of contrast. Adding contrast in the form of curtains, lamps or even rugs is a fantastic way to add a touch of your own personal style in any living room setting.

We found some absolutely brilliant Southwestern Native American rugs that are perfect to add a touch of style to your home from South Western Rugs Depot.

Lamp shades are also a great way of adding to the overall ambience in your living room, for the colder months and darker nights nothing beats a chrome lamp with a deep purple velvet shade, the epitome of cosiness.

Antique French Style Chrome Glass Table Lamp

antique french style purple table lamp



Big Chief – Blue Native American rugs –


Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least, the finer small home accessories are ideal for adding the finishing touches to any living space. A simple yet absolutely stunning wall head hanging can work wonders to add style and charm in any home interior settings.


Bronze Effect Stag Wall Head

Creating Ambiance in Your Living Area Read more on: Homes Direct 365 French Furniture

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Brighten up your office space to increase productivity

Let me guess, as a business owner, brightening up your office space is the last thing on your mind. Understandably, we all think that when it comes to office spaces, formal means dull. It is a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. What if I told you that enhancing your office space with bright decor could boost productivity and profitability? That might sound unbelievable, but recent studies show that bright office furnishings improve mood, productivity, and creativity. Let’s dive in.

Different designs could make your employees more energetic, relaxed or creative. We ourselves use some of our furniture we have for sale on HomesDirect365 to brighten up the office. Picture this; hospitals always feature green or blue decoration. The secret behind this is that green and blue colours outs people at ease. If your nature of work is high paced as in the case of a newsroom or share trading, having snippets of bright green or blue can alleviate stress and make your employees feel relaxed. You can either install office furniture with green upholstery or repaint the walls or ceiling. Research has been done on this topic and it has been labelled the Dewey Colour System.

Have you ever visited an advertisement company? Employees in such a workplace need to have their creative juices continually flowing. If you visit a couple of offices in this niche, you will notice the generous use of red décor. They always have red on their upholstery, walls or flooring. According to psychologists, the red colour spikes up energy and inventiveness. You can copy from that and do the same for your office. But just remember that this colour has to sit in well with the rest of your office design.


Googles Quirky Office Relaxation Area

Googles Quirky Relaxation Office


Google Again With Its Unique Slide Alternative To A Stairway

Googles Tel Aviv Office


Do your employees display signs of emotional exhaustion? You will notice symptoms such as forgetfulness, slackness and bad mood. Try using yellow in your office decor. Yellow color brightens up your office space and makes it look beautiful. Buts that’s not all, yellow keeps people alert and attentive. Consider using yellow office furniture, including office chairs, desks, and filing cabinets.

For a small office, many employees might feel too clustered. But there is a way around this; use bright colours. Bright colours make a little room space look bigger than it is. This might improve the productivity of your employees in the long run. Use light colours for the walls and furniture, and then you can tone it down with shades of black or grey. For instance, if you go with red for office furniture, choose grey for the carpet flooring.


Staging your office for rental

Decorating your office space is not only improves productivity, but it can also help you get the right tenants for your additional space. Furnishing is at the heart of every office staging for rental, and many benefits come with it.

Nathan from Austin Tenant Advisors said that:

“For starters, your office space will be able to fetch a higher price in the market. Potential office leasers look to have a comfortable place to work in. By using the right designs of office furniture, lighting, and other accessories, you can transform your dull space into an appealing work space. Also, with proper staging get tenants for your office space fast. You don’t have to keep paying a hefty bill for your office when you could lease your additional space. The problem is that office tenants want a vibrant place of work. A work space that could help them achieve profitability in their ventures. Office staging can help you provide such an office space.”

A pleasant work environment should be the number one objective of all organisations. It is the assured road to productivity and profitability, and you can achieve that with bright office décor.


Here are a few of our office items for you to browse through

Stunning office chairs with a beautiful ribbed design and shiny chrome frame with gas lift mechanism and castors.Available in a range of black, ivory or grey, ideal for any office, home office, computer room or study.

This geographical globe comes with political boundaries and high lighted world features in a classic antique French style finish, perfect to finish of an office or study. Its colourful finish will brighten up any interior space

Brighten up your home with our extensive and varied selection of modern and contemporary furniture. Handcrafted by experts and carefully built using a mixture of aluminium and copper, this table with a ‘Z’ frame design with astound and sure to become an instant favourite.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Industrial Table featuring two shelves and a fantastic industrial design. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, this shabby chic coffee table will be sure to amaze. Working well either on it’s own or co-ordinated alongside our stunning antique French furniture.

This geographical globe comes with political boundaries and high lighted world features in a classic antique French style finish, perfect to finish of an office or study.


Brighten up any room in your home, with our extensive collection of Mirrors. We are proud to present for your consideration this stunning aluminium and copper mirror from our brand new collection of industrial style furniture. Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, you are sure to be impressed.

This attractive ceiling light takes its inspiration from industrial light fittings from the mid-century. A chain suspends the fully chromed down-light which has a glass diffuser plate to spread light evenly and to avoid any glare in the eyes. So brighten up your home with this stunning handcrafted ceiling light, sure to become an instant favourite.

This attractive ceiling light takes its inspiration from industrial light fittings from the mid-century. A chain suspends the fully chromed down-light which has a glass diffuser plate to spread light evenly and to avoid any glare in the eyes.

Crafted from iron, this striking industrial chest features 15 drawers which all individually offer plenty of storage space to help keep your home tidy. If you’re looking for a unique storage solution, then the Iron Chest is the right one for you, made from only the highest quality materials, this chest will be sure to last you for generations.

A welcomed addition to our collection of industrial style furniture comes this exquisite and very unique real leather sofa. Designed and inspired from the classic retro car, this beautiful sofa featuring real leather seats a chrome bumper and decorative tail lights is sure to astound across generations.






Brighten up your office space to increase productivity is republished from

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Crafted from clear cut glass and designed with ingenuity, the highly popular and sought after Venetian mirrored furniture is the ultimate piece to add modern style to your home today.

Before we look at some simply breathtaking pieces such as the indistinguishable Romano crystal collection from Homesdirect365, let’s take a brief look at the history of mirrored furniture and how it originated.

Check out this link for our full range of mirrored furniture


History of Glass

About 2,500 years ago, approximately 460bc in the city of Sidon in Lebanon is where the very first mirror originated from, which at that time, the only way to view a clear reflection was in settled or stagnant pools of water. Polished bronze or copper was also seldom used, but the reflection and image given off were in no way clear, it was often very blurry and disproportional due to the surface rarely being flat. Through a process known as glassblowing, the very first mirrors were successfully created.

Often used today by artists, glassblowing is simply to blow a small amount of air into a molten blob. Glassblowing first starting in Lebanon by blowing air into a small sphere, once cooled the glass could then be broken into many smooth small pieces which were much clearer than copper or bronze and gave of a clear more true-like reflection. Glass itself isn’t as reflective of today mirrors, so to improve its reflectivity, coating it with metal was an ideal practice.



This technique of creating glass and mirrors were extremely popular and spread rapidly through the current reigning Roman empire. Once fully embraced by the Romans, glassblowing became a phenomenon worldwide and developed into mold blowing or what we know today as modern glass blowing.


Venetian Mirror

Venice – Often renowned for their creativity, ingenuity, and modernism, in the 16th century Venice gave birth to the beautiful and often elaborate mirrors we have come and know to love today.

With Venetian mirrors given the name of ‘the purest mirrors in the world’, the popularity was growing and was sought after all over the globe. This inspired the current reigning queen of France, Marie De Medici who adored these mirrors so much she wanted an office full of mirrors on every wall possible.



As time moved on and modernist furniture designers wanted to be at the forefront of innovative designs, it didn’t take long for them to start using mirrors to create mirrored furniture. Heavily influenced by the art-deco movement, glass was placed on the side and surfaces of furniture pieces.

At the time of the 18th century when mirrors where a lot more affordable, mirrored furniture designs took a huge leap. Being a lot more cost effective and available to the masses, experimentation using mirrored furniture pieces began. Initially, the first pieces of mirrored furniture created where the smaller household items, such as ornaments and table decorations but began to slowly grow into mirrored bedside tables. dressing tables and even mirrored beds and wardrobes, exclusively available online from Homes Direct 365


Mirrored Dressing Table Set – £344.99 –



Romano Crystal Mirrored Furniture

Heavily inspired by the Venetian period, the Romano crystal mirrored furniture is a clean-cut simplistically designed furniture range with subtle and elegant detailing.


Romano Crystal Bedside Table – £139.99 –


Romano Crystal Mirrored Chest – £299.99 –


Carefully crafted using clear cut glass panels and natural wood, this range is ideal to brighten up any room. Whether looking for simple decorative pieces such as the jewelry box or a more elaborate full bedroom range including bedsides, chests, and even wardrobes, mirrored furniture can give the appearance of a bigger and brighter room adding style and elegance in abundance.


Mirrored Wardrobe – £849.99 –


Mirrored TV Cabinet – £349.99 –

Mirrored Jewelry Box – £34.99


It doesn’t stop at bedrooms either… from beautiful uniquely designed TV cabinets to practical cabinets and pedestals. The Romano crystal collection, exclusively available from ‘homesdirect365’ caters for the modernist inside all of us!


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Do you ever look at the space around you, your personal haven and think to yourself, I need some new furniture? But even answering that question with a yes response, you may still be unsure what furniture you are looking for. Well, Shabby Chic Furniture is ALWAYS trending, no matter the year or season, wonderfully designed furniture crossed with comfort and beauty is a must-have in the home and Shabby Chic Furniture ticks all of those boxes. Here at HomesDirect365 we pride our self on supplying our wonderful customers with the highest quality of Shabby Chic Furniture and we aim to help you find something that you will fall in love with, we believe there’s a piece of Shabby Chic Furniture out there for everyone.

Now if you’re stuck on what you’re looking for to help add some Shabby Chic style to your home, that’s fine, great in fact because your mind is now open to all options, let’s start off with the main focal point of any bedroom, your bed. Now, Double? Single? King-size? Or are you lucky enough to have space for a Queen Size, it’s all quite overwhelming at first but let’s find a design you like and we’ll think about that later. Take a look at the Bordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic Bed, for example, if expertly hand-carved ornate design is your thing, then this Shabby Chic Bed is perfect for you.

Bordeaux Ivory Shabby Chic Bed – Part of the White & Ivory Bed Section

If you’re looking for something a little more simple but still want to bring a touch of Shabby Chic style to your home, then don’t worry because HomesDirect 365 has something for everyone, just take a look at the Britany Shabby Chic Bed, offering the same gorgeous antique white finish as the last but instead it has been finished to compliment a more simple but elegant style of bed frame.

Britany Shabby Chic Bed – Part of the White & Ivory Bed Section

Continuing the bedroom theme, you’re going to need some other pieces to match with whichever Shabby Chic Bed you plan on purchasing, so how about a bedside table next. You’re in for a treat as we have just recently got this wonderful Shabby Chic Bedside table in stock, the Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside Table will fit all your bedside needs due to the 2 drawer design and plentiful tabletop space, whilst giving your room the essence of the Chic style that you desire.

Sophia Shabby Chic Bedside Table – Part of  the Antique White Bedside Section


Want something a little more out there or perhaps you require more storage space by your bedside, then check out these two bedside tables, a perfect example of the high-quality furniture we at HD365 love to bring to our customers.

Estelle Bedside Table – Part of the Silver Bedside Section


Baroque Gold Bedside – Part of the Gold Bedside Section



Continuing the theme of storage, here at HomesDirect365 we offer plenty of different options for solving your storage problem, from traditional chests to tall boys and bottom of the bed blanket boxes. It’s all really up to you but if you’re a little stuck, take a look at the images below and hopefully draw some inspiration from these lovely Shabby Chic options.

La Rochelle Chest – Part of the Antique White Chest of Drawers Section


La Rochelle Tall Boy – Part of the Silver Chest Of Drawers Section


Victorian Blanket Box – Part of the Blanket Box Section


Hopefully we have inspired you to make the change to Shabby Chic Furniture or to add on to your already beautiful collection, we offer plenty more Shabby Chic Bedroom furniture than we have just spoken about above, from dressing tables and cheval mirrors to extra storage pieces like console tables and wardrobes, come have a look around!

Come and have a look at our full shabby chic range on the page below


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Finding the right colours is hard, very hard. It’s often a painstakingly long task that can take months to come to a firm decision!

If you are like me, then you probably know the feeling of an overwhelming abundance of choice. In this day and age, we have the option of aesthetic choice and colour for most purchases.

Just last week, I had finally chosen a new car, brilliant! But with the plethora of colours available, I was stuck. Do I opt for the classic white or black car or choose a more vibrant colour, a deep blue? a cool racing red? or go for gold? I did in the end, opt for a practical black. Well, it would save me having to wash it every time I took the dog or the kids out in it!

With furniture, however, especially shabby chic furniture it can be a totally different story. Choosing the right colour is paramount and fitting it in with your current interior can be vital. It would look slightly odd having a bright blue bed in a vintage French style bedroom!

Follow our simple yet very effective guide and colour palette below to help you choose the perfect shabby chic colours for your home.




A very good starting point is to have in mind a selection of colours to choose from. Having a colour set in mind is perfect when looking to match a new purchase or invigorate and update a current piece.

Take the above colour palette, using these soft and neutral colours are perfect for almost any shabby chic furniture. They are very soft and have a vintage cottage appeal to them. Have a look below at some beautiful furniture pieces from for some inspiration. – Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet – £159.99 – Annaelle Antique French Style Bed – From £399.99



Colour schemes are also paramount when choosing how to accessorise your home. For the shabby chic look, opt for accessories using the palette above – this will ensure a constant country theme is kept in mind.

One of our favourites is the duck egg table lamp, this beautiful piece won’t look out of place in any setting, slotting into any shabby chic décor perfectly whilst also adding practical charm. – Duck Egg Ribbed Leaf Table Lamp – £54.99




Nothing beats fresh sheets or bedding! Now you have the perfect excuse to update your bedroom bedding, be sure to take into account the colour of them. Stay away from very dark colours and opt for very light, soft and neutral colours, colours that you would typically associate with a country cottage theme. This will ensure your shabby chic bedroom will look very stylish and co-ordinated with the famous shabby chic country cottage style. – Taupe Ashby Quilted Bedspread – £154.99



Looking to decorate your home in the highly sought after and beautiful shabby chic style? Then be sure to check out Homesdirect365 for some of the most beautiful shabby chic furniture pieces around.


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