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Like a Selfie? – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who’s got the coolest selfie of all?

You do… If you follow these tips and tricks for taking selfies with a full length wall mirror!

So, your arm’s too short. Using a selfie stick doesn’t work. How are you going to show the world your new, cute outfit? You’re dying to let your friends and family in on your diet success. Your face does look thinner, but what about that overall progress you’ve been making?

Wall mirrors are not dead. They’re still an integral part of selfie taking. Using your arm’s length is okay for taking pictures of faces… one or two up close. Selfie sticks work well for taking group pics for posting or keeping.

You still need a good wall mirror for the full length personal selfie. Maybe you don’t want to show off that beach body to the world. You might just want to chart your progress as you work your new diet. Keep a photo journal as the pounds come off!

I know a body builder who uses a wall mirror to show how she’s bulked out. You just can’t get that effect without a decent wall mirror.


#OOTD is only possible with a wall mirror. Buy a full-length wall mirror that will capture your whole outfit, down to those adorable shoes. It’s best to mount your full-length wall mirror on a wall or cabinet, for the best photo taking angle. Think about placement before hanging it. You don’t want it facing into the direct light. Once you hang it, make sure that it’s clean. A dirty mirror can make your shot look weird.

Speaking of cleaning up… clean up the room behind where you’ll stand for your selfie. Nothing’s more distracting than your dirty clothes as a backdrop for your cute self.

Work on your poses! Get comfortable in front of the mirror, so your shots don’t look awkward. If you’re sending an OOTD, use different poses to highlight different outfits or components. Practice different angles and poses before you snap your perfect selfie! When you’re ready, look into the camera lens you see in the mirror.

Smile naturally or be serious and mysterious. Avoid the duck-face and pouty face. They are so overdone, and it’s hard not to look dumb with those facial expressions. If you really don’t want your face to figure into the photo, hold the phone in front of your face while you snap yourself in the mirror.



Phone placement can give you a lot of different effects. Try placing the smart phone next to your face. If you’re trying to look thinner, place the smart phone under your chin and move it closer to the mirror. Your head will look slightly bigger at this angle, but you will look slimmer.

The two most important things… Your full-length mirror and your lighting. Try to use natural light during the day. Open the curtains and let the sun flood the room. At night, make sure that the room is well lit.

Follow these tips to make sure your selfie game is on point. Make some interesting statements, and have fun with it!




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