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Shabby Chic Furniture Fad or Trend is it here to Stay?

“Homes Direct 365” have seen the passing fads and upcoming trends and the decline of the mannequin challenge, but shabby chic is it a fad or a popular decorating trend. For those people that are professional renovators or interior re-decorators it may have passed it’s height of popularity, but for thousands of people around the world it is still considered stylish to use shabby chic furniture


From The Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Furniture Range

What is Shabby chic?

To summarise what shabby chic is, is to take furniture or furnishings and style them in a way that represents a style from an older time. making items appear dated by the way they are painted or edged to appear they were from a stylish era that was left behind by modern design.

Stylists use this popular theme of interior decorating by arranging mismatched furniture to create a theme that reflects a collective of past styles blended into what is referred to as the shabby chic.


From The Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic Furniture Range


What kind of people are into shabby chic furniture?

A recent survey of over 80,000 people shows that the most interest in the term “shabby chic” and in furniture styled with the shabby chic are people located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and from United Kingdom. The people that partook in the survey were split into 80% female and 20% male.

The survey found that for females the average age was between 19 and 34 and for the males it was between 30 and 41 years of age. The interest was in specific styles and of images of furniture that was all about the shabby chic image.

Having looked at the results and knowing our industry we see it all the time, people want something that is alternative to the “IKEA” look of generic modern furniture, having your house and home look a certain way just adds to the reason that it is your home. Our main clientele want a home that is unique to their tastes and is inviting and fun, shabby chic is stylish but not taking itself to serious.

Do we look at this as a passing trend or as an alternative style that people can appreciate? we believe our customers want something stylish that shows it has a story, with shabby chic design you can mix and match different styles to create a story behind your home interior, and not just home owners we have restaurant owners, business owners, apartment complexes and anyone that is looking to add some variety to their furniture selection.

How popular is it to own furniture that identifies as shabby chic? its not so much about impressing people but telling your own story with your collection. You can showcase who you are or what your business is about with the way you choose your furniture. We also see customers use the furniture designs we offer for all kinds of uses, a popular use is in trendy hair and beauty salon’s that want to express their own unique style.

“Homes Direct 365” believe that Shabby Chic as a style is here to stay and represents so many people in so many ways.

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