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Decking Out Your Porch With Shabby Chic

Shabby chic furniture is perfect for a place outdoors. Its natural wood and stressed exterior is befitting of more natural surroundings. With space to fill and ideas in mind here are some of our favourite pieces for your porch.


La Rochelle Antique French Style Day Bed

Shabby Chic-antique day bed

This French style day bed has the appearance of a cradle while being suited for people of all ages and sizes. Your porch is supposed to be a place where people can stretch out and relax in peace. Having an afternoon nap in the La Rochelle bed might just become a daily occurrence once it features in your home. Its subtle style gives it a classic Victorian appeal that’s highlighted by its hand carved mahogany.

Rattan Antique French Style Sofa

Rattan Antique French Style Sofa

For a quaint two seater that takes up only as much room as it has to, the all wood antique is ideal for the porch or yard. Centuries of history can be found within the woodworking of this piece. The ornate nature and odd personality of the Rattan sofa makes it a talking point of any room it’s in. However, it’s whitewashed façade also makes it as self-effacing as a piece of its quality can be.


Antique French Style Chaise

Antique French Style Chaise

The French style chaise is a flamboyant ornament for any room. Its classic floral pattern is crafted in tandem with a uniquely shaped backrest that swoops and swerves across the back of this piece. Be careful of where you sit, half of this piece doesn’t provide back support. However, what it lacks in functionality it makes up in individuality. Hand crafted, and luxurious by anyone’s standards the Antique French Style Chaise will certainly be the focal point of your porch.


Shabby Chic Chair

Shabby Chic Chair

The title says it all. Distressed wood and pastel colours come together to make this the archetypical shabby chic chair. This chair was intentionally crafted to have a simple design. With the addition of this to your porch the previously mentioned pieces will have the opportunity to shine through.


Antique French Style Chair


While modest from afar this shabby chic chair has ornate nuances that reveal themselves upon closer inspection. The cut out back of this chair gives it a unique touch that other pieces won’t emulate.



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