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What Goes With Mirrored Furniture?

There are some interior designers who
suggest that mirrored furniture has fallen out of style, having been popular
since the early 2000s. There are two possible responses to this, the first
being; who cares? Interior design comes down to personal choice, and if
something makes you happy then what’s to stop you putting it in your home? The
second response is that when you look around, mirrored furniture seems to be as
popular as ever. It goes to show – industry ‘experts’ don’t always get it
right. You create the look and feel of your home, so go for it.

One thing you may struggle with when
considering mirrored furniture is knowing what goes with it. So here’s a short
guide to steer you in the right direction in adding drama, glamor, and a touch
of elegance to your home.

Mirrored Console Table

Art Deco Mirrored Console Table

Contemporary Interiors

If you favor a more modern style of home,
then the sleeker items of furniture will fit in better. The designs vary
greatly, so be sure to choose furniture with a modern feel that compliments
what is already there. This style of furniture has its roots in the Art Deco
era, with a huge range of different styles added over the years. Examples that
have a ‘retro’ feel may clash with your clean lines and contemporary look, so
try to select one with a modern look. For example, a multi-faceted sideboard,
or large mirror with geometric designs – anything that is asymmetrical will

Alghero Grey Mirrored Geo Wall Art

A match made in heaven

A single piece of mirrored furniture
standing alone can look great. But it also can look out of place or a bit
lonely. Consider pairing different items to get the maximum effect.

  • Place a large, mirrored coffee table against the back of your sofa. The contrast between the materials and the angles enhances both.
  • Set a small, mirrored cabinet between two beds, or between a bed and the wall on each side. This works well whatever the color scheme but is especially effective when natural and neutral tones are used.
  • Use a mirrored side table or coffee table to show off a beautiful antique lamp, or a prized artwork. The light from the lamp will be doubled, showing off both items, and the artwork will be reflected to show it from different angles. Either option will make the best use of the furniture.
  • Don’t be tempted to overdo it! Too many mirrored surfaces can be overwhelming and seem over the top. However, matching something like a mirrored dining table with a mirrored screen can add a real touch of elegance to your dining room.

Biarritz Mirrored Coffee Table

Grey Marble Mirrored Coffee Table

Helios Mirror & Black Coffee Table

On reflection…

Some people find the clean, bright mirror
surfaces a little too much – sterile, even. If that’s you, then there are other
options that may interest you, such as ‘antiqued’ or tinted mirror surfaces.
These fit in excellently with homes that have a more classic feel, or even with
shabby chic. Furniture with patterned mirrors also softens the reflection,
which can bring a warmer, more sophisticated feel. For best effect, these
should be used in rooms with neutral color schemes as they may look out of
place when set against black and white backgrounds.

Milano Smoked Mirrored Diamond Lamp

Decorative Patterned Grey Wall Mirror

And finally

Whatever you choose, the secret to making
your mirrored furniture a success is to use contrast in your design. Try
to bring in a range of textures and textiles to offset the reflective surfaces,
like wood, leather, fabric, and so on. A mirrored coffee table can become a
centerpiece of your living room, so set some furniture and other treasured
items around it that you want to show off. Place a mirrored buffet table beside
a favorite rug to get double the effect. Use a mirror screen to split a room
without making it feel smaller – the reflection tricks the eye into believing
it is actually twice the size. Where you have sharp angles in your new
furniture, tie it into the room using reflective, organically-shaped metallic
ornaments placed strategically.

Mirrored furniture, when used correctly, is
a part of classic interior design and will never be truly unfashionable. As to
whether it’s for you, or which furniture to buy, well, that’s something for you
to reflect on.

Crystal Mirrored TV Unit

Argente Mirrored Furniture Collection

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture Collections

Mirrored Beds

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored Bedside Tables

Mirrored Chest of Drawers

Mirrored Dressing Tables

Mirrored Stools

Mirrored Jewellery Boxes

Mirrored Table Lamps

Mirrored Console Tables

Mirrored Side Tables

Mirrored Sideboards

Mirrored Coffee Tables

Mirrored TV Units

Mirrored Pedestals

Mirrored Fireplaces

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Enhance your home with these display cabinet ideas

Since 1823, when Henry Bishop’s opera Clari
(or The Maid of Milan) first proclaimed the famous words
“There’s no place like home”, this phrase has been taken to heart. In
general, we love our homes, spending an average of £83 billion each year on
home improvements in the UK alone.

The styles of each home are as different as
the people who live in them. We shape our homes around us, making them
comfortable in styles that suit us, adding to them over the years as tastes and
fashions change.

One way in which we make our homes unique
is through acquiring antiques and collectibles; items that appeal to us because
of their nostalgic or sentimental value. They don’t have to be expensive –
though they can be – and they aren’t always to other people’s tastes. But they
are ours, and we love them. Even so, it is often the way of things that these
prized pieces and collections are kept in boxes under the bed, or in attics and
sheds. Sometimes, space is limited, and our beloved heirlooms and treasures are
stashed safely wherever we can find the room.

However, there are ways of enhancing our
homes, by selecting a stylish piece of furniture that will allow us to display
our collections with pride. This way, we get to enjoy them each day, as well as
adding flair to our homes with a beautiful new cabinet.

Here’s a selection of display cabinet ideas as an example:

Antique French Style Display Cabinet

With its ‘Queen Anne’ style cabriole
legs and elegant scrollwork, this cabinet is an excellent way of displaying
prized objects. The clear glass doors will ensure that the contents are displayed
to their best effect and kept safely, reducing the need for frequent dusting.
Antique-effect brass fittings add to the overall feeling of class, while the
lower drawer offers extra storage.

Telephone Box Display Cabinet

If a more classical style is not for you,
then perhaps something a little quirky might pique your interest? This
display cabinet is modelled on the traditional red British telephone box,
making it a conservation piece in itself. Any collection displayed within it is
sure to be protected while being shown off to its best. A truly unique way to
enhance any home whilst saving space, this expertly-crafted cabinet also brings
an element of fun and nostalgia.

Antique French Style Kitchen Cabinet

The keywords when it comes to this style of furniture are “Simple Elegance”. If you prefer a look that speaks of good quality that is more reserved or understated, then you could not choose a better cabinet. Even though it is extremely practical, with four double-height, glass-fronted compartments, complemented with the four lower compartments with solid wood doors, the style is not compromised. The ‘antique white’ finish, as well as the professional craftsmanship, will add to the ambience of your home, making this cabinet an heirloom in its own right.

Antique French Style Large Liberty

Once again, simplicity is the key to this
cabinet’s appeal, but don’t be fooled; when you look closely you become aware
of the attention to detail that has been invested in this stunning piece of
furniture. Classical elegance is combined with practicality, with fifteen
shelves and three extra storage drawers beneath, each with an ornate
gold-effect handle. Also with an ‘antique white’ finish, this time with the top
panel left unpainted to provide a contrast, this cabinet is sure to impress.

Fleur Shabby Chic Display Cabinet

This cabinet is ideal for those homes where
space is more limited. As well as the two glazed cupboards, this
well-proportioned piece of furniture also has two enclosed cupboards and two
centrally-placed drawers. The eye-catching handles are of faceted glass,
complementing the grey ‘shabby chic’ finish to great effect.

Black Antique Style French Cabinet

The black finish with silver detail sets
this cabinet apart. It has four shelves in a tiered design that boasts elegance
and style. The open-back design will ensure that any collections displayed will
be seen clearly. It will add character to your home, while at the same time not
detracting from your decor.

This selection of display cabinet ideas is
a fraction of what is on offer, but the only limit is your imagination. When
displaying antiques in your home, it seems a shame to place them in or on
something that doesn’t do them justice; they deserve better. You deserve
better. Displaying your collection in a beautiful cabinet will help, but there
are other ways of enhancing this by giving some thought to how you
display them with these display case decorating ideas:

  • if you collect glass or items that are in distinct colours, consider separating them by their colour. This gives a pleasing effect that adds to their appeal.
  • as much as you love your collection, a cabinet filled with white ceramic may not be the most exciting. By adding good-quality dried (or fake) flower arrangements you will instantly add a dash of colour and brightness that won’t take anything away from your collection.
  • perhaps your collection is a little ‘eclectic’? No problem! Buy a cabinet with multiple compartments and fill each one with an interesting and quirky item.
  • where possible, place items to give a symmetrical look. This will greatly increase the aesthetic appeal and bring harmony and connection between the items.
  • a display cabinet works so much better when a connection is established to other furniture in the room. By purchasing another item of furniture in the same type, you will instantly bring balance, establishing the sense of style you desire.
  • when tastefully (and safely) done, a rustic lamp or even some types of ‘fairy lights’ can add an extra dimension to any display cabinet and its contents.

Whatever your tastes and whatever your
collection of treasures, there is a cabinet out there to suit your needs. By
selecting the right one you will be able to display your treasures as they
deserve, and enhance the place where you live. After all, there’s no place
like home

Here is our full range of display cabinets

Classic French Style Display Cabinets

Modern & Contemporary Display Cabinets

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11 Types of Storage Trunks

Keeping organised

As well as adding style, and keeping things stored away in your home, Homes Direct 365 storage trunks are also the perfect solution for keeping organised, and travel. You can put away certain items that aren’t needed for a period of time whilst keeping them organised and in order. Today Homes Direct 365 will run through and explain the history, appearance and use of a handful of storage trunks.

Coming in many styles with varied practical properties, storage trunks have a vast variation of looks, such as:

  • Jenny Lind Trunks
  • Saratoga Trunks
  • Monitor  Trunks
  • Steamer / Cabin  Trunks
  • Barrel Staves Trunks
  • Octagon / Bevel Top Trunks
  • Wardrobe Trunks
  • Dome-top Trunks
  • Barrel-top Trunks
  • Wall Trunks
  • Full dresser Trunks

Saratoga Trunks

Travel Trunk Cabinet

Among the many types of antique trunks, there is the saratoga trunk. Named after the popular holiday destination on NY, this place was often visited by the wealthy in the 1800’s. This trunk was made strong, sturdy, and secure. Specifically for travelling. Some of the locking systems were high-end technology at the time, and Saratoga Trunks were the best storage trunks of their day, making it a favourite of a growing breed of wealthy upper-class generation of Americans.

Saratogas had round top which are often referred to dome-top trunks in catalogues. Made from leather, metal or canvas, these pieces were commonly styled with decorative hardware and were definitely classed as one of the fancier varieties. With saratogas being the premium of trunk design; they can often emulate other styles, and retain the signature strength and durability that only a Saratoga Trunk has. 

The myriad is also the most recognisable feature on the trunk, featuring compartments and trays, which can be very complex. 

Cabin Trunks & Steamer Trunks

Bogart Storage Trunks

Known as travelling trunks, steamer trunks or cabin trunks, this style was often used as luggage for extended trips on steamships, trains, stagecoach or boarding school as student trunks.  They were founded in the late 1870’s although they really became popular in the 1880-1920 period and would be seen quite often.

Although many people thought cabin, steamer and travelling trunks to be the exact same thing, a majority of people claimed cabin trunks to be the ‘true’ steamer trunks, being the equivalent of modern day hand luggage and used for more valuable items that were too expensive to go with the main luggage. 

This particular style of trunk was identified by being covered in canvas, leather or patterned paper with a flat or slightly curved top. All these pieces were around 14 inches, in order to comply with the steamship luggage regulations which was why they were named ‘Steamer Trunks’, which since became a hallmark or this style. 

Faux Leather Trunks

Jenny Lind Trunks

Identified through its distinctive keyhole or hourglass shape, the Jenny Lind trunk was named after the singer who shares the same while also being known as ‘The Swedish Nightingale’. This happened when she toured through America in 1850-1852 under the arrangement of PT Barnum. Jenny Lind trunks were also known as stagecoach trunks as they were used for stagecoach travel and also continued to be popular until 1870, being made in a large variety of shapes and sizes. 

These traditional trunks were usually covered in leather or sole leather, with multiple iron bands around the curved body that were fastened with brass studs. They were often compared to the shape of a loaf of bread or figure of eight and were most likely decorated with fancy tooled leather, brass locks and extravagant interiors with paper lining and timings. 

Take a look at the images above of this popular style of trunk and see if you like it for yourself!

Wardrobe Trunks

Zebra Print 6 Drawer Luggage Wardrobe Trunk

Wardrobe trunks are basically a mobile wardrobe and would contain almost anything imagine. They would usually stand on their end to be opened, having hangers for clothes on one side and drawers on the other. Although many high-end wardrobe trunks would feature make-up boxes, mirrors, privacy curtains, removable suitcases/briefcases and even buckles and tie-downs for shoes. Take a look at the pictures bellow of the inside and outside of these complex pieces. 

Being very large pieces, wardrobe trunks were often really heavy and were almost always used for extended travel by ship or train. You can still find storage trunks online due to a few companies still manufacturing these products and offering wardrobe trunk restoration.

Dome-top Trunks

Natural Shesham Set Of 3 Storage Chests

One of the most popular styles of trunks is the vintage dome top trunk, also known as a Victorian travel trunk. This style has a high, curved top that can reach up to 30 inches and can be constructed in a variety of methods such as barrel construction, moulded ply and cuffing.

Dome-top trunks can come in two styles, one being a camel-back style which is distinguished by having a vertically running top slat in the centre that is a lot higher than the other trunks. The other is known as either a hump-back or hunch-back which is similar but has no slat in the centre of the top. 

Dating from the 1870’s-1900’s, there is a lot of dome top trunk history, and are seen as the most talked about of antiques, this had lead to them still being manufactured today. 

Wall Trunk

Large Storage Trunk

Wall trunks are a specific type of trunk that can be opened to a 180 degree angle, making both hinges flat up against a wall. These pieces were and are a sought after piece if they are in good condition due to their speciality, even though they are a middle ranged price. Perfect for maximising storage. 

Dating from the 1870’s to the 1900’s, the two main manufacturers of these products were Clinton and Miller and they’re brand names will most likely be engraved onto the hinges. 

Wicker Merchant Set Of 3 Trunks


Overall there are a lot of styles of these products that were used years ago and still used today, even designer storage trunks! Whether you want to use these pieces to travel, style, organise, to keep as an antique or even if you want some modern storage trunks, we can assure you they’re impressive and very interesting. 

You can view our full range of storage trunks on the links below

Industrial Style Storage & Furniture

Storage Trunks

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Storage Solutions

We’re all accountable for the bunch at the bottom of our table that’s usually unsorted clutter: books, magazines, newspapers and things that are never off our bedroom chairs, all spread around the room.

Well, this problem can be solved by just adding Homes Direct 365 Storage Trunks to your home. For a happy & cleaner home.

If you are looking for some storage trunk ideas then keep your eyes peeled… we have just the thing. Storage trunks can be used to conceal unwanted storage, store everything safely, and provide a lot of detail in your home so they’re definitely a go-to when you’re looking for a clean & tidy home.


4 Drawer Luggage Trunk

Drawer Storage Trunk

Why Do We Need Storage Boxes? – Pros & Cons

Storage boxes can be used for many stuff, one of a lot is that many moving & storage alternatives can be linked straight to this excellent option. They are lightweight, simple to pack, stack and label.

Storage boxes are a great idea if you don’t want to get rid of anything but want to keep it safe and off-show… It’s a wonderful invention. You can purchase many distinct storage trunks to suit your needs and space. For instance, storage trunks for bedrooms, storage trunks for living rooms, etc.

However, it may take up much room, I mean one won’t, but if you need a storage trunk set or lots of boxes for storage, then consider the space of your home first again.


Silver & Black Storage Box (Set of 4)

Set Of 3 Assorted Colors Storage Trunks

Achieve The Best Results & Bring Them Back to Life

Have you ever had that impression when you’ve been somewhere and always bring back an item because you’re uncertain from the very few that the store is selling, that no product will work with your interior? Homes Direct365 can assist and offer you a little more abundance in that sector! We’ve got a broad variety of Storage & Chests you might want to look at!

We have a broad variety of storage trunks, but there are some of the few that we have to fit in any sized room; retro storage trunks, storage trunks set of 3, wooden storage trunks, metal storage trunks, unique storage trunks, decorative storage trunks, small storage trunks, wicker baskets & many more.

Alternatively, though, if none of these suits you and you need more storage room & something that is safer, we have another group of products that are for you ; a small storage trunk with lock, stacking storage trunks, small storage chest trunk, coffee table storage box, storage box with lid, storage trunk organizer & many more that you can view on our site Homesdirect365


Set Of 3 Storage Trunks

Wicker Merchant Bench & 3 Trunks

Grand Safari – Trunks – Set of 3

Baskets & Boxes

Independently, baskets & boxes create excellent contemporary storage, and you will no doubt have seen a lot like ours, but we can deliver only the most stylish and practical.

We have many distinct kinds of storage baskets & boxes made of wickercoloured gold, wood & metal. These will certainly create a lovely feeling, so buy yours today and we can make sure they’re not going to be disappointed.

Notwithstanding that you decide to style these in your home or by any means, any of our boxesstorage trunks, etc., we will make sure that we only bring the best and will definitely leave a lovely mark on the entire interior. While providing storage space and being very useful, this is certainly something to hold on for a long time, relieving stress and elevating any room.


Wicker Merchant Set Of 3 Trunks

Small Gold Beehive Storage Box

Declutter Your Life & Declutter Your Mind

Were you aware that decluttering has been shown to reduce stress on scientific lines, increase your mood, make you sleep better & it also makes you feel a lot more creative?

Anyone with an excess cupboard or completely filled closet can prove that junk stacks cause stress…right? It’s annoying to look at the reason for this, but it can dredge up to a lot of distinct feelings. That’s why we’ll help you get your clutter once and for all under control! You might be asking what is the best storage trunk for me? What is best for my current interior? Don’t worry, I can make sure that we have more than enough to choose from.

Decluttering is something we all need to think about and you can get the greatest outcomes with these storage trunks. They are very convenient & handy in any situation. I certainly feel some kind of manner when I look at my messy closet. I feel stressed about the absence of organisation and I feel confused about what kind of style I’m even following. Really, not all those emotions should be elicited by a closet, a bedroom or even that chair that is taking up half of the room at the side of your bedroom, but it can.


As you might have guessed, here at Homesdirect365 we like you to enjoy the look of handmade & manufactured furniture. We are an excellent furniture & accessories company and we really appreciate a wide range of different materials to create the beautiful products we sell every day on our website.

Each & every item is really carefully made to the best of our ability. Storage trunks have always been a fantastic hit, perhaps because they are helpful, handy, and you can decorate them whatever you like.

As I said before, it’s not nice for anyone to have a lot of clutter. Use these storage trunks to create a better, smoother and more open room for your home!

Industrial Style Storage & Furniture

Storage Trunks



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What is French Interior Design?

Firstly, in many families, the French design is courageous, elegant and chic. Among many households, it’s very popular and that’s the reason why we, Homesdirect365, still sell it every day. In a lovely home, Rustic French Furniture & French Style Home Accessories never miss out.

Originally inspired by the amazing Provençal homes, French country furniture/architecture often features ruffles, distressed woodwork, blended styles, and both vibrant and subdued shades. The Classic French interior design is loaded with a variety of colours, forms and sizes.

You may ask… when was the French Style Interior Design First used?
After France invaded the first in 1494, it was “imported” from Italy. It took French interior designers a few years to embrace the ideology, but around Louis XIII’s decision (1617 to 1643), the baroque style had already gained strong ground across the nation. The French design ideas for interiors were a huge hit afterwards!

What is it about French Furniture & French Accessories that make it so popular?

French provincial furniture generally relates to parts produced in the 18th century in the provinces and lower French towns, away from Paris. The parts were often easier and more inexpensive adaptations produced for the Parisian monarchy by the luxurious Rococo furniture.

There’s something on French style home accessories, French furnishings, Parisian interior design & French-style interior, which feels so straightforward but hard to play. We sell many French furniture and sell products from mirrors and furniture to decorative accents and a lot of beautiful chandeliers. Whether you insert it in your home or use it for inspiration, we can help you attain your fashion interior goals.

Since the beginning, French furnishings have been popular longer than you think! Some individuals consider it to be a vintage style, but it can be put in a French-inspired bedroom in a French-style interior design living room anywhere on French mobilization and it can still create a lovely feeling throughout your home.

Crushed Velvet Antique French Style Bed

Antique French Style Bookcase

Antique French Style 8 Branch Chrome Shallow Chandelier

What would be the best colour for French Interior?

If you are looking for a more initial and neurologic atmosphere, we have a lovely array of furniture & accessories to help you receive that. The smooth, romantic interior design French country style appearance is supplied with neutral colours. Painted with light greige–beige and grey wall, add creamy whites with pale pink, yellow, red or blue accents.

Personally, neutral colours offer a lovely impact and sometimes with French furniture, they look so lovely. Entering your inner home with that easy, generic feeling. We have a lot of ranges with a soft, French touch that can ensure you will not be disappointed with. It all depends on your preference & what your existing interior looks like.


Rococo Collection

Estelle Collection

But on the other side of the road, bold colours are the way you want to push your mood. Peacock blue, teal, emerald green, red shade — in French interior design nothing is unlimited. The traditional fabrics in French homes combine well with basic pleas, checks and stripes. Provencal prints combine the main shades of green, lavender, and orange.

When it comes to colour, there is a lot of space for flexibility. Let the palette you choose dictate your character. Although you want the vintage, shabby and chic style, if bold & in your face, are your thing, we have the best ranges for you.


La Rochelle Black Collection

Baroque Gold Leaf Collection

What brings out a French Interior?

Living in Paris is the dream right? I mean, you got the Eiffel Tower, the Museum of the Louvre, the Notre-Dame. Lots of lovely landscapes? But we can still take the French design right on our doorstep, even living right where we are. They’re a lot of ways you can bring out your French interior. It could be from French colour, accessories, furniture or even design. They are a lot of distinct ways to make your home stand out depending on who you are and what your finest interior styles are.

Possibly try adding a lovely chandelier? A lot of French compliments such as accessories for a French glamour interior design? If you’re a very vintage and shabby chic individual, I’m sure it’ll help you decide. Why not add to your home a beautiful over-dimensional French mirror? I’m sure that certainly will stand out and turn the head whilst showing off your French-themed interior design. I mean, after all, I guess Classic Parisian style flats constructed in the mid- to late-19th century tend to have a conventional characteristic — a fireplace, often decorated with an opulent mirror, which is a perfect example to do that.


Carved Louis Cream Antique French Style Wall Mirror

Vienna Chandelier

Perhaps you could add some lovely accessories such as candle holders, clocks, mannequins, plates and hangings etc. Here at Homesdirect365, we give a number of these in many colours, forms and sizes.

Minimalism is a good option if you want a subtle French hint of the house. But don’t be afraid that there will be plenty of room space – use colour and texture to tell the story. Choose items you’re going to love and enjoy every day. As the French are doing it: a lovely place to have long chats about wine, stylish, beautiful, inspired French kitchen accessories. Choose the most common colours as used by the French to comfort shabby, chic vibes.

Set Of Three Lanterns With Heart Cutout

Keep it lighter or fresh with white or pale walls and ceilings, then choose colours inspired by the rural character: sunny yellows, greens on meadows and red pops. Unconsciously, the use of colours like rust and antique white adds a historic sensation.


French Accessories & Furniture is the ideal option for anyone! Nothing can be denied that French furniture and French accessories are a great hit when it comes to redesigning and rethinking your home giving it a beautiful French Country interior design. Whether you’re wanting to change your beautiful French furniture or want to rehabilitate your home.

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Driftwood Decor & Furniture – Achieve a Rustic Interior

We can spend hours, days or even weeks trying to find a design for our homes that our friends and neighbours may have overlooked – so that we can get something totally unique that is exclusive to us and our home. 

Because of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, there seems to be no interior design idea left unexplored enough for us to warrant adding to our homes

That is of course before we came across stunning rustic driftwood interiors; which as of right now we feel is heavily underutilized across the interior design industry.

Driftwood can be seen as rubbish since it is typically found upon a beach shore due to a receding tide – this ‘garbage’ which makes up of actual rubbish, marine life, seaweed and of course any and all forms of driftwood plank is known as tidewrack.

But for us, driftwood is more than just an unused material washed ashore by the sea, it’s a great material for you to express your bright and bold personality in your very own home allowing you to achieve a rustic feel throughout – whether that’s in your lounge, kitchen or your personal haven. 

If you’re looking to add a set of driftwood lamps to help compliment an already rustic interior or you’re looking to completely transform your home and add plenty of driftwood accessories and furniture, you can do all this by shopping online at HomesDirect365.

driftwood decor around the home

Get the rustic driftwood style in your own home

A lot of interior styles requires you to replace your entire furniture set, which is not ideal if you’re strapped for cash or even if you’re limited on time; as moving, replacing and disposing of old furniture can take up a lot of your free time.

Fortunately, with the style of driftwood, many of its interior additions can be placed on shelves or by sofa sides; meaning you don’t need to replace or even move your furniture about to get the style you want to finish with.

However, there are driftwood furniture pieces like chairs and tables which you can add if you’re looking to transform your entire interior – we will talk about this a little later on.

Although, these are not necessary as driftwood ornaments are typically bold and bright enough for you to be able to get the desired rustic look.

Driftwood Ornaments

There are many driftwood ornaments available which can match all personalities and interior styles. We have many driftwood ornaments available on our site but we’re going to show off a few so that you can get an idea of what high-quality driftwood decor looks like and whether or not it would suit you and your home.

Driftwood Ornament Sun Sculpture – HomesDirect365

driftwood ornament abstract design


Driftwood Sculpture – Abstract – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Sculpture


Driftwood Forest Sculpture – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Small Forest sculpture

Driftwood Animals

By far the most popular style of driftwood effect decor is the driftwood animal, typically these pieces are inspired by James Doran Webb himself. Usually, a decent size so that you can place them on a coffee table or side table, you can never go wrong with animals made from driftwood – the trouble is selecting the right one for you and your home.

Driftwood Horse Head – HomesDirect365

driftwood ornament horses head


Driftwood Small Giraffe Ornament – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Small Giraffe Ornament


Driftwood Tiger Sculpture – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Tiger Sculpture

Driftwood Seahorse

Especially beautiful if you’re looking for a more nautical focused design, a driftwood seahorse will make more than a fine addition – adding this to your coffee table or sofa side which already features a rustic or modern design will allow you to get the most out of it.

Driftwood Seahorse Sculpture – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Seahorse Sculpture


Driftwood Large Seahorse – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Large Seahorse Sculpture

Driftwood Dog

Whether you’re just a lover of dogs or its a tribute to a past pet that once played a huge part in your life, a driftwood dog sculpture from our catalogue can bring you the style and design you need to help transform your home.

Driftwood Dog – Wood Carving – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Dog

Driftwood Horse Head

A classic take on animal ornaments, you can never go wrong with horse head decor – it seems to be always in. This is even more apparent with a driftwood horse head sculpture which can bring that vintage look – yet one that offers something totally unique to other traditional wall horse head designs that are currently on the market.

Driftwood Horse Head – HomesDirect365horse head


Horse Head Large – HomesDirect365

Horse head

Driftwood Fish

Just like the seahorse carving, a driftwood fish would be perfect if you’ve got or seek a more nautical feel, whether that’s in a bathroom or just in your lounge area. Almost like displaying your favourite catch, driftwood fish carvings will always work well as a focal point piece on any coffee table or mantle piece.

Driftwood Fish – HomesDirect365Driftwood fish


Driftwood Sculpture Large Fish – HomesDirect365

Driftwood fish


Driftwood Fish – Carved – HomesDirect365driftwood fish hand carved

Driftwood Reindeer

Not just for Christmas, a driftwood reindeer can make for an elegant addition all year round, being part of a mantlepiece, a coffee table or a sofa side. From our website, you can get singular pieces or ones that come in sets, these are more suited towards people wanting to spread the elegant design throughout the home rather than only giving one room the chance to truly shine.

Driftwood Reindeer Small Ornament – HomesDirect365

Driftwood reindeer small ornament


Driftwood Reindeer Wood Carving – HomesDirect365Driftwood reindeer wood carving

Driftwood Pig

The driftwood pig can be a unique addition to your home, traditionally not seen as a cute or desirable animal, there is just something about this driftwood animal in particular that the others just don’t bring to the interior – perhaps its uniqueness and in turn its bold designs sets it from the rest of the animal ornaments which you can add to your home today from the HomesDirect365 website.

Driftwood Pig – Ornament – HomesDirect365Driftwood pig large ornament


Driftwood Pig – Baby – HomesDirect365

driftwood pig - baby pig ornament

Driftwood Owl

Wise and elegant, owls always make for a great addition, especially if you’re looking to accentuate these personal traits you also possess. Working just fine on its own, you can add a driftwood owl to a bookcase or mantlepiece to allow it to bring the style into your home.

Driftwood Owl – Hand Carved – HomesDirect365

driftwood owl

Alternative Driftwood Sculptures & Ornaments

Moving on from a focussed animal sculpture design, we also offer many other styles of driftwood ornaments, these can be anything from classic heart designs to alternative abstract pieces which may only work in a niche interior like one which focuses on only rustic decor and furniture.

Since there are many unique designs and creations, just like before, we are going to list a few of our favourites so you can get an idea of what it is we offer – we invite you to check out our driftwood ornaments collection yourself if you’re looking for something specific.

Driftwood Heart

A classic choice. A pretty safe one too in terms of the design of the driftwood sculpture, large wooden heart ornaments can make for an impactful addition to your home. Made from a large piece of driftwood, you are going to want to feature this as a blending piece rather than a focal point piece due to its simple design – something like one of the previously mentioned animal ornaments would work better at being a focal point due to their more vibrant and unique finish.

Driftwood Wall Art – Heart – HomesDirect365

driftwood wall art in the shape of a heart


Driftwood Heart Mirror – HomesDirect365

driftwood heart mirror

Driftwood Tree

Driftwood trees generally make for a great addition all year round – perhaps that has something to do with their natural design or because their wood designs make sense visually so they are able to work in a wide range of settings.

Talking more specifically about a driftwood Christmas tree, these ornaments work great as little accent pieces around Christmas time, so that they can complement your other Christmassy decor and bring out the best in the holiday we all love.

Driftwood Tree – Christmas Tree – HomesDirect365

driftwood trees as a classic christmas tree


Driftwood Christmas Tree HomesDirect365

Christmas tree


Driftwood Christmas Tree Small – HomesDirect365driftwood-christmas-tree-small

Driftwood Vase

An unusual driftwood furniture design by itself, a driftwood vase would be the perfect complimenting piece to beautiful flowers – artificial or real. Typically the vases we have to offer can give you a more natural but unique feel, which would be perfect in a rustic home or single room.

Driftwood Vase – Glass Bowl – HomesDirect365



Driftwood Vase – Double glass Vase – HomesDirect365

driftwood vase - vase bowl set of 2

Driftwood Furniture

Moving on from ornaments and smaller pieces to more vibrant, eye-catching and bold additions – we are going to talk about driftwood designs in terms of driftwood furniture which you can bring into your home, whether you’re adding or replacing old ones, there is certainly going to be more than one furniture piece that will be perfect for you and your interior – helping to achieve your desired look.

Usually, we’d split furniture into its respective sections; driftwood bedroom furniture, driftwood lounge furniture, driftwood dining furniture and so on. Instead, we’re going to show off some of our favourite categories leaving the exploring of our beautiful rustic furniture up to you.

Driftwood Side table

Not necessarily the focal point of a room, but one that is absolutely necessary for design and practical purposes – like everyday use – a driftwood side table will make for more than just a great addition. 

Especially if you’re looking to feature something like a driftwood glass side table which helps to offer that little bit of extra style.

Driftwood Side Table Round – HomesDirect365driftwood side table round design


Driftwood Side Table with Legs – HomesDirect365driftwood side table


Driftwood Side Table with legs – HomesDirect365Driftwood side table with metal legs

Driftwood Console Tables

Looking similar to teak furniture, rustic wood furniture such as driftwood tables – more specifically a driftwood console table – can completely change the look of a room.

Generally, console tables can become great focal pieces in your lounge or dining area, driftwood consoles are no exception and if anything this is more apparent due to their more than obvious bold design – capturing the attention of anyone that lays eyes on such a wonderfully crafted piece of furniture.

Driftwood Console Table – HomesDirect365

driftwood console table

Driftwood Console Tabe Large – HomesDirect365

Large driftwood console table

Driftwood Coffee Table

Another great style of driftwood table is a driftwood coffee table. A focal point of any lounge, family room, or living room area, driftwood coffee tables can make for a great addition if its both style and practical, everyday use you’re looking for. 

A drift wood coffee table can feature a glass top in addition, which can help it to bring extra unique and bold designs to a home that may lack personality or just alternative style which you may be looking for.

Driftwood Coffee Table Large – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Coffee Table


Round driftwood coffee table – HomesDirect365

Driftwood round coffee table

Driftwood Dining Table

Carrying on the theme of drift wood tables, we also provide our customers with a stunningly unique driftwood dining table that can make for a bold addition to a dining area and completely transform the entire space.

It should be no surprise that dining tables are primarily the focal furniture in a dining room and this only gets more apparent when you invite something like these drift wood table to the interior space.

Driftwood Dining Table – HomesDirect365

Driftwood Dining table large


Driftwood Dining Table – Glass Top – HomesDirect365

driftwood dining table round glass


Driftwood Round Glass Table – HomesDirect365

driftwood dining table round driftwood design

Driftwood Chairs

To go along with the rustic wooden furniture table, you’re going to need handmade rustic furniture chairs to match.

We offer a wide range of driftwood chair for use as dining chairs or as unique additions that can act as focal points in your lounge area, which can give you the feeling as if though you were a King or Queen in your very own home.

Driftwood Chair – HomesDirect365

driftwood chair for a dining room


Tall Dining Room Chair – HomesDirect365

driftwood dining chair hand made


Small Driftwood Chair – HomesDirect365

driftwood small chair for a lounge

Driftwood Mirror

To tie in the design and give you a complete look, a driftwood mirror would make for a more than perfect addition. Alongside your brand new drift wood furniture or your other decorative pieces, custom made mirror will help get you the rustic interior you have been searching for.

Driftwood Mirror – HomesDirect365

driftwood mirror - square design


Driftwood Rectangular mirror – HomesDirect365

driftwood rectangular mirror


Driftwood round mirror – HomesDirect365

driftwood abstract round mirror

Don’t forget about your garden

Driftwood Benches

We’ve mentioned that driftwood can be added all throughout the home, but it’s important not to forget about the garden or outdoor spaces. These spaces can also be filled up with driftwood items like driftwood benches. Although we don’t have many options for outdoor spaces, adding one of these benches alone can still give you the desired look.

Driftwood Bench – HomesDirect365

driftwood bench for your garden


Driftwood Animal Bench – Hippo – HomesDirect365

driftwood animal bench hippo


Driftwood King Bench – HomesDirect365

driftwood bench

Final Thoughts on Driftwood Furniture

Driftwood decor and ornaments look great in any style of home that features an already modern or rustic feel. And if it doesn’t, then driftwood furniture is the perfect replacement if you’re looking to create a unique space that can reflect on your bold and bright personality.

Our Driftwood categories

Driftwood & Teak Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Side Tables by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Coffee Tables by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Stools by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Console Tables by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Dining Tables by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Cabinets & Storage by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Chairs & Benches by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Mirrors by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Animals by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Ornaments & Sculptures by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood Miscellaneous by Homes Direct 365

We have other unique items listed in the below categories

Modern Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Industrial Style Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Dining Room Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Lounge Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Matching Sets by Homes Direct 365

The following article Driftwood Decor & Furniture – Achieve a Rustic Interior was first published on Homes Direct 365 Shabby Chic

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Grey Furniture – 2019’s hottest trend

It’s official, grey is the new beige!

But is this just another passing trend or is it here to stay?

We can’t really know for sure, but what we do know is that grey furniture is as beautiful as any other interior design trend that has come about in recent years.

And for that reason, we’re going to pin this one as a trend you’re going to want to get in on, joining the rest of the experts and professionals in the industry.

This is more apparent if you love cool and calm colours in your home that allow you to create a relaxing atmosphere whilst not sacrificing much in the way of practical design or style.

Grey bedroom ideas

We’ll start in the most thought of place room in any home; the bedroom!

Grey bedroom furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, typically items like grey oak furniture usually do the best when it comes to styling and adding practicalness to your home. Grey bedrooms also include grey bedding to allow the colouring of the room to stay consistent, even with the focal point piece – which is no surprise, your bed.

Grey rooms don’t only have to feature grey colours, that would be absolutely ludicrous since no rooms look good with just one colour being featured – it is important to feature other accent colours like yellow, reds or even blues to help make it easier on the eyes and not to overuse the colour…let’s talk more about this.

Not just grey

It is important to understand that you can match in with other colours, perhaps having a grey and rose gold bedroom to show your more light and relaxed feel intertwined with a more bolder and eye-catching look; which can be great if you’re looking to add grey bedroom furniture sets with rose gold accent pieces.

Alternatively, you could feature a light grey bedroom furniture or even a dark grey bedroom furniture in your personal haven; perhaps mixing in the styles of grey together alongside something like white to get a grey white bedroom that constantly features a calm and welcoming atmosphere at no cost of being overwhelming.

Other great matching colours can be things like;

  • Purples
  • Reds
  • Silvers 
  • Navy blues
  • Yellows

The list just goes on, grey has almost become the new white or black; in the sense that you can match it with almost anything.

More than one style

Grey oak bedroom furniture usually gets pinned with the whole modern style and we’re unsure why this is. Perhaps it’s something to do with today’s market or just the stereotype around colours like grey and white;

Regardless, we are here to tell you that grey works with almost any style of furniture

Whether you’re looking to add modern grey bedroom furniture in the style of grey oak bedroom furniture which can replace your current decor or if you’re looking to add grey shabby chic furniture such as a grey shabby chic mirror – you can be reassured this grey coloured trend will tick all the boxes for your interior design.

On top of that, you can even look to add french grey furniture to your light grey room which will give you an expensive, elegant, yet calm feel to your interior.

Be sure to add accent colours

One of the most popular styles of grey bedroom furniture sets are ones that feature an accent colour like yellow.

The reason that grey and yellow bedrooms are so popular is that each colour features such opposite characteristics that they end up working so well together. Does that mean yellow decor is back in?

Absolutely not.

But does it mean it can work with this new great interior design trend?

Most certainly.

You could even do things like adding grey bedroom walls to a grey and red bedroom, this way you can simply add accent colours to get your desired look.

A pink grey bedroom is also up there with some of the odder but eye-catching looks you can pull off with grey furniture.

Grey and yellow bedroom accent

Finally, a cost-efficient decor trend

Keeping up with design trends can be annoying, for both you and your wallet.

Thankfully, with the grey wood bedroom furniture, you could most probably be able to get away with turning your current oak furniture into grey painted oak furniture.

Although this is not ideal since you may not do a very good job and you would make a mess of your intended grey bedroom designs and ruin already perfectly good furniture.

Grey painted bedroom furniture can be a tricky one to pull off, so you should probably leave furniture designs like that one up us, the expert; HomesDirect365.

The way you would go about this is by adding grey wood bedroom furniture to a primarily grey themed bedroom and then you would add grey pink bedroom decor in the style of accent pieces like photo frames and wall mirrors to help achieve the desired look.

Grey bedroom inspiration – some of our favourite pieces

Hopefully, by now, we’ve got you thinking about what sort of bedroom design you’re going to want to end up with. Whether you’re going with one of our suggested modern grey bedroom ideas like rose gold and grey bedroom or a grey and yellow room, you’re going to want to add pieces that can give you this desired look.

This is where we can help…

The following are some of our favourite grey bedroom set pieces that can give you your desired look.

Grey Bedroom Wardrobes

Alongside a modern grey bed, grey bedroom wardrobes are also a focal point piece if you choose the right one.

Some wardrobes can look overwhelming in a small grey bedroom, so we’d recommend opting for a single one if that is the case.

Other than that, you can’t go wrong with adding a large wardrobe to your grey and wood bedroom if you seek to get the grey interior trend everyone can’t seem to stop talking about.

Chloe Grey Antique French Style Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Triple Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe in a bedroom


Richmond Shabby Chic Triple Over 3 Drawer Wardrobe – HomesDirect365

Grey wardrobe with 2 drawers

Grey shabby chic bedside table

Matching with your wardrobes, you can add a set of grey shabby chic bedside table

These accent pieces are perfect for finishing the look in your haven, along with adding decorative and practical style – something that most furniture may not be able to do on its own.


Etienne Antique French Style Bedside Table – HomesDirect365

Grey 2 drawer bedside table


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Bedside – HomesDirect365

Grey ornate bedside table with 2 drawers


Light Grey Antique French Style Bedside – HomesDirect365

Light grey bedside table

Grey chest of drawers

For storage and for looks, adding a shabby chic grey chest of drawers to your bedroom is another great way of completing the look you desire. 

And because of the adding tabletop space, you can also use it as a place to add your accent colours like the yellows, whites and even blues, which we discussed a little earlier.

Here are some of our favourite chests that we think will get you the look you need:

Bakersfield Grey Antique French Style Tallboy Chest – HomesDirect365

Tallboy chest of drawers


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Chest – HomesDirect365

4 drawer grey chest with ornate details


Chloe Grey Antique French Style Chest – HomesDirect365

Tall chest of drawers

Grey oak bed

And lastly, adding one of our oak grey beds to your home will give you a focal point piece that is going to be able to further accentuate the grey colours and any other accent colours you may already feature.

There are quite a few choices you could go with, depending on the style of your bedroom and the rest of the home;


Grey Oak Bed – HomesDirect365Grey fabric bed


Modern Grey Bed – HomesDirect365

Bisbee modern grey bed


Grey French Bed – HomesDirect365

dark grey bed


Whichever grey painted bed you choose, it will more than certainly give you the look you have been seeking; consequently, it is probably the most important piece in your room if you’re wanting to pull off this look.

Grey living room ideas

Continuing on from the bedroom we have arguably the second most important room in the home; the living room.

This is another great place for you to express your grey living room ideas throughout. Since they’re plenty of colours that go with grey, there will be no shortage of ideas in terms of both the grey decor and grey furniture which you can feature.

Just like a bedroom; not just grey

Just like we discussed in the bedroom, it is important to know that you don’t just have to feature greys of all shades to achieve the hottest design trend of 2019; you are able to also feature accent colours like reds and blue to get the desired look whilst still having a space that is calming and relaxing.

There are plenty of modern colours schemes for living room, some of these colours schemes for living rooms consist of;

  • A grey and brown living room
  • Blue and Grey living room
  • And even a grey and cream living room

These are amongst the ‘tame’ range, you could go for pinks and purples if you’re wanting more of a bold look.

Helping to add to the grey style, you can also add accent pieces like grey wall art to be placed on grey walls to help accentuate this particular look.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to convert your living room colours to only featuring grey and another accent colour, having something like a grey feature wall will allow you to set a focal point in your room – this is beneficial if you want to complement some grey furniture you have picked up from HomesDirect365.

Grey living room inspiration – some of our favourites

Just like with our bedroom ranges, we’d like to show you some of our favourite grey living room furniture which you are able to order from our contemporary lounge catalogue today.

Ensuring you are one step closer to getting the grey look your family and friends won’t be able to stop talking about.

Grey sideboard

Just like a chest of drawers is to a bedroom, sideboards are an essential part of your lounge area. Matching with plenty of grey colour schemes, any one of our modern grey sideboards will help you to get the look you desire.

Here are a few of our customer’s favourites:

Grey Antique French Style Sideboard – HomesDirect365

Large grey sideboard


Bisbee Grey Large Sideboard – HomesDirect365Grey sideboard part of the bisbee collection


Grey Wooden Sideboard – HomesDirect365Grey wooden sideboard

Sideboards also work perfectly with any ornaments for the living room due to their tabletop space which can be easily utilised practical with such decorative grey ornaments or something like a grey table lamp.

Grey Fabric Sofa

Grey living rooms or any living room for that matter all need a sofa. They are like what beds are to bedrooms – an essential piece to the room itself, both practically and for style.

Adding any one of our grey corner sofas to your lounge area will give you the look you want, working perfectly with grey living room walls due to its matching colour. And if you’re looking for colours to go with grey than what can be better than a grey leather sofa – dark or light.

Grey Fabric Sofa – HomesDirect365

grey fabric sofa


Grey Sofa – HomesDirect365Grey sofa


Grey Odense Sofa – HomesDirect365Grey odense sofa

Grey TV Cabinet

A grey tv cabinet will do well to complement an already grey home, a practical addition to your lounge so that you can add your TV to it, you’re going to want to make sure you add some form of accent decorations to this piece to allow it not to blend in with the rest of the furniture – since after all the grey wood tv cabinet is potentially another focal point.


Silver Bergere Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365

Ornate grey tv cabinet


Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365


Silver Antique French Style TV Cabinet – HomesDirect365

Antique silver tv cabinet

Grey coffee table

Usually the certain point of a living room, grey coffee tables offer a way for you to get practical and decorative furniture in your home all in one piece. Whether you’re picking up a grey gloss coffee table or a grey marble coffee table for your interior, you will be happy making any one of them a featured addition.


Grey Antique French Style Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Grey coffee table


Bergen Cube Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Grey coffee table


Bergen Oval Coffee Table – HomesDirect365

Circle coffee table

Grey Side tables

Side tables can be great little pieces for your lounge area if you’re looking to further accentuate the style or add some extra practical space, perhaps a place for your hot coffee or simply for your favourite ornaments.

The side tables and grey round side table which we offer are no short on style and can be easily added to a french style or contemporary living room.


Cookham Butchers Block Grey – HomesDirect365

Grey side table


Bisbee Grey Telephone Table – HomesDirect365

Grey side table bisbee collection


Richmond Lamp Table – HomesDirect365

Grey sidetable with table top space

In the same vein as side tables, we have nest of tables. Just as beautiful, a grey nest of tables can bring about a practical design you never knew you needed. Making them a must-have addition no matter what style of furniture you feature; perfect for your grey living room.


Grey Bergen Nest of Tables – HomesDirect365nest of tables in a grey colour


Richmond Nest of Tables – HomesDirect365

Grey nest of tables


Nest of 2 Tables Hex – HomesDirect365Grey set of tables

Don’t forget about the dining room

Moving on from grey living rooms, one of the areas of the home we’d finally like to mention is the dining room. A place where we can spend a lot of our time with friends and family but one we necessarily don’t think of decorating immediately; lounge and bedrooms usually come before this.

The dining/kitchen area can feature many different colours, this is down to the drawers and worktops which may already be in place as well as the electronic applications that you have previously added.

Because of this, mainly due to the preinstalled drawers – it can be hard to get the complete grey look you seek.

So in this case, we’d recommend doing one of the things we’ve mentioned previously and that is to blend the grey in with another colour such as white to make up a white and grey dining set for instance.

Alternatively, you could feature a white table and grey chairs so that you can add more focused look to this room, ideally you’re wanting to match the whites with other whites in the room, say the walls or ornaments.

Grey dining room inspiration

Just like we’ve done with the previous rooms, we’d like to point out our favourite grey furniture and decor pieces so that you can get that grey look you have always wanted.

Grey dining room table

Adding a modern grey dining room table to your dining area can be a great way of adding a focal point piece to the interior. To further work on this you could make up a grey dining table set when combining grey table and chairs.

Vermont 5 Piece Dining Set – HomesDirect365Grey dining table set

Grey dining chairs

To put with your grey dining room chair, grey dining room chairs can help to further emphasise the feel you’re going for. However they are not necessary to complete the grey look; if you’ve already got a grey dining table in place, they can make for a great addition nonetheless.

Finchley Dining Chair – Set of 4 – HomesDirect365

Grey set of dining chairs


Elliot Dining Chair – HomesDirect365

Modern grey chair


Rex Grey Dining Chair – Set of 2 – HomesDirect365

Grey dining chair

Grey Cabinet

Another way to get the grey kitchen diner you have always wanted is by welcoming in extra storage like a grey cabinet. Offering you a place to add your favourite ornaments and photo frames, a large grey cabinet from our range of furniture will help get you the desired look.


Grey Cabinet Featuring 4 Drawers – HomesDirect365

Tall dark grey cabinet


Fleur Shabby Chic Display Cabinet – HomesDirect365Grey display cabinet for a lounge

Grey bookcase

Adding either a large grey bookcase to your dining area or one of a small variety can help to give you that desired grey finish. Helping to hold ornaments whether they too feature the grey finish or one of a more accent colour like yellows or blues.

Richmond Tall Bookcase – HomesDirect365

Grey tall bookcase


Grey Elm Wood Bookshelf – HomesDirect365

Unique bookcase finished in grey


Grey Cookham Bookcase – HomesDirect365

Tall grey bookcase

Grey console tables

Lastly, we’d like to offer you a great way of bringing both the grey look and effortless practical style to your dining area. This is in the form of a console table, which can be used all throughout the home but particularly they look great in your dining area.

Etienne 1 Drawer Antique French Style Console Table – HomesDirect365

Single ornate grey console table


Etienne 2 Drawer Antique French Style Console Table – HomesDirect365

2 drawer grey console table


Richmond Two Drawer Console Table – HomesDirect365Dark grey console table


Grey furniture is here to stay.

Whether it’s in the limelight for long or its just a passing trend, there is no denying that furniture featuring beautiful greys and other accent colours are a game-changer when it comes to redesigns and rethinking how your home should look, from personal haven to the communal area that is your lounge or dining room.

Grey furniture categories

Bisbee Grey Set by HomesDirect365

Chloe Grey Set by HomesDirect365

Grey Furniture by HomesDirect365

We have other unique items listed in the below categories

Modern Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Industrial Style Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Dining Room Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Lounge Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Driftwood & Teak Furniture by Homes Direct 365

Matching Sets by Homes Direct 365

Bisbee Grey Set by HomesDirect365

Chloe Grey Set by HomesDirect365

Grey Furniture by HomesDirect365

The following article Grey Furniture – 2019’s hottest trend is available on homesdirect365

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Cowhide Furniture – Have You Got It In Your Home Yet?

Redecorating a dwelling can be a highly enjoyable activity for virtually anyone, especially if you’re looking to get a new look with something like cowhide leather furniture. 

However, it is often a daunting task to think of unique ways to add a new touch to your outdated decor without having to completely redecorate each room and every room. 

If you are searching for something genuinely unusual, but do not want to entirely redesign your rooms or complete major renovations, cowhide leather decor in the style of cowhide furniture is something you should definitely consider.

Furniture of this kind, such as leather cowhide rugs and leather and cowhide chairs provide the perfect avenue through which to infuse your home with a remarkable flair that your friends and family will lack in their home. This is because the novel designs and patterns of such pieces quickly breathe new life into your home for a cost-effective price. 

Durable, practical and beautiful, thick cowhide leather can easily transform the interior of your home into a fashionable haven, making you the envy of all your friends, family and neighbours.


Cowhide Armchair

HomesDirect365‘s Cowhide Armchairs


Choose From Many Impressive Decorating Options

Each piece of furniture which uses cowhide leather material is typically unique in its own way. This is what gives you the option of placing such items in as many areas of your dwelling as you desire without the patterns and themes ever becoming repetitious. 

For instance, you can opt for a leather cowhide rug in brown and white shades and patterns in one room, and then use a set of cowhide leather chairs which feature a completely different colour in another room.

Complementing that with a cowhide leather rug, you can start to see just how durable this unique furniture is.

Cowhide is also a leading choice for those in search of mesmerizing accent pieces which uses soft cowhide leather and napa cowhide leather to achieve this.

For example, a bold patterned cowhide leather fabric accessory can be used to create a striking contrast with other colours or patterns, like goatskin leather (we’ll get more into this later) in a specific area of your dwelling.

Even the addition of just one cowhide upholstery leather piece or accent item can immediately breathe new life into an otherwise drab room in your home. 

Essentially all cowhide items, like a leather and cowhide sofa, make a terrific conversation piece as well, especially as no two items are completely alike – even more if its made from naked leather, which is cowhide taken from the animal and used as is in the creation of the furniture animal.


Superior Texture

A favourite feature among consumers worldwide regarding cowhide is its soft and sumptuous texture. The lush surface of cowhide is something with which synthetic fabrics simply cannot compete. This is because such materials are man made, as opposed to cowhide itself, which is of course natural. 

Whether you’re investing in a set of patchwork cowhide leather rugs for your bedroom, a cowhide storage box for your living room, or a new cowhide ottoman, luxury is more than certainly at your fingertips when you opt for cowhide furnishings. 

A marvelous way to surround yourself with elegance, semi-aniline cowhide leather offers serious competition to other furniture on today’s market.

Cowhide trunk

Cowhide Trunk from HomesDirect365

Blends Well With Any Interior Design

In addition, whether your home’s interior design is rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary, aniline cowhide leather blends flawlessly with virtually any decor.

This is because such furniture is technically in a class by itself, and therefore is not distinctly linked to any particular interior design, even if you’re creating a french themed home. 

For this reason, unlike other options, cowhide patterns can be added to any room, whether you plan to change the entire theme of the area or simply add a few striking pieces. 

Thus, regardless of how you choose to decorate or how often you change the overall interior design of a room, furniture pieces made with cowhide, like leather cowhide sofa are always appropriate.


Cowhide Ottoman

Cowhide Ottoman from HomesDirect365


Cowhide Also Has Practical features

It is easy to see that cowhide furniture is a lovely and timeless option for almost any home. 

However, authentic cowhide also offers practical qualities as well, which is a fact that many consumers are pleasantly surprised to discover. These qualities include cowhide’s outstanding durability. 

This is why, in addition to its appealing look, furniture made from cowhide such as a cowhide bench or cowhide storage bench can be the perfect storage solution for your home. This is due, in part, to the fact that such furnishings do not have to be replaced as often as pieces made from synthetic materials and fabrics. 

Rather, they retain their attractive appearance even when used on a continuous basis. This means you are guaranteed years of enjoyment from all your semi aniline cowhide leather furniture.

Additionally, furniture of this kind is not difficult to clean and care for, as it is far more stain-resistant than furnishings manufactured from synthetic materials. 

You can efficiently remove stains and spills from the hearty hair-on-hide-surface of cowhide, which ensures that all your new furniture pieces will maintain a beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Cowhide Bench

Cowhide Bench Ringo- HomesDirect365

Goatskin – A Cowhide Alternative

I’ll admit, cowhide isn’t for everyone. Sometimes having such a fabulous material in your home can overwhelm the rest of your furniture, which for many interior styles can be a big nono.

However, there is another material that can be used as an alternative to cowhide, it comes with its own benefits too; elegantly made for any decorative home, something like a goatskin rug can add the style you have always been missing.

Goatskin leather features a lighter look than its cowhide counterpart, which can be useful if you feature lighter shades in the home.

Leather suppliers find that animal rug like goat leather are amongst their most popular pieces since typically the goat fur is a lot smaller than cows; for obvious reasons – allowing them to work beautifully as a smaller addition to the home like accent pieces rather than focal point additions.

If you’re now unsure of what it is you should be adding to your home, goatskin or cowhide; then keep on reading – I’m going to compare the two just for you.

Goatskin Leather vs Cowhide

It all comes down to what you’re using the leather for; but for this comparison, we’ll talk about furniture since it would be unfair to compare them on things we really don’t care about.

Goat skin is just as strong as cowhide, making either choice for a goatskin rug or a cow rug hard to choose from; since there are no advantages – you’ll be more than happy to know the only choice you have to make is based on the way it looks rather than how its going to hold up.

Although, you’ll find that comparing something like a cow skin rug and a goat skin rugs together that there is only one real difference; goatskin rugs tend to be lighter and cheaper.

This difference is more noticeable when we start to talk about other furniture pieces such as goatskin stools and goatskin benches – as this is where the weight will matter if you’re wanting to move the stool around the home for various events.


Goatskin Stool – HomesDirect365



On top of this, goat skin is also smoother – depending on the tanning process but typically this would be true.

Okay, let’s summarize here;

  • Goat hide is cheaper than cowhide
  • Goat leather is lighter than cowhide
  • Goat leather is also smoother (depending on the tanning process)

So, it seems like you should go with a goatskin themed furniture rather than cowhide, right?

Well, it can look like that from this comparison however the thing with leathers is that you’re looking for the right look with the right pattern and sometimes a darker, larger more prominent pattern may be better for your home; cowhide would be a no brainer in this situation.


Goatskin Bench

Goatskin Bench – HomesDirect365


Ultimately, regardless of your individual taste and budget, the perfect cowhide furniture pieces can be found to suit your preferences and if you’re looking for a cheaper and softer alternative that features more light colours; goatskin will be right up your street.


We have other unique items listed in the below categories

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Interest Free Credit / Finance for Luxury Furniture

With Interest Free Credit You Can Own the Luxury Furniture You Dreamed of Today!


Buying furniture is an exciting time; you have a new home and you want to put your own signature on it. Choosing the right furniture is a huge part of this, as it will set the tone and character of your house for years to come. Furniture can be a big investment, especially if you want to add some luxury furniture pieces to your rooms. Investing in good quality furniture is a sensible step as it can last for twenty years or more, and still look brand new.

However, it can be expensive, especially if it is well crafted bespoke or exclusive furniture. Not many people can afford to buy a luxurious antique French bedroom set with cash, but don’t worry, there are so many finance options available today and there is one to suit you.

Many banks, stores and online shops offer interest free credit for purchases over a certain amount. If you can get an interest free loan that’s the best way to go as you will not be forking out hefty interest charges.

Interest free credit is available in different forms, it’s important to understand the differences and find the right type for you.


If you are here just to use our finance & get your items today then visit the link below
Homes Direct 365 Furniture Interest Free Credit
0% Finance Furniture


Interest free credit cards

Many banks offer an interest free credit card for a fixed period, the idea is to tempt you into signing up with that particular lender and staying with them once the interest free period is over. After this period an interest fee will be charged on any unpaid credit. However, this type of card helps you finance luxury furniture over a number of months or even years.


So how about grabbing one of our amazing dressing tables?
White dressing table setfor more styles click here



Balance Transfers

Many lenders will offer you an interest free period on a new credit card if you transfer an old debit balance over to them, but once again if you have an outstanding balance when the interest free period is over you will be charged interest.


Bank loan

It’s worth checking in with your bank to see if they will give you a loan. It’s unlikely to be zero % interest but it may be much lower than a credit card or other finance type. It may be difficult to finance furniture on a bank loan, unless you are buying quite a large amount for home improvement.


How do you like our stunning beds?Baroque Upholstered Fabric Bedfor more styles click here



This is an excellent type of zero % finance, however as furniture is a large item most stores will not be able to hold it for you until you have paid for it. You may also have to pay a deposit and if you decide not to purchase there may be cancellation fees.


In Store Credit

There are more and more retailers offering zero percent purchase plans today, especially luxury furniture stores. This is a type of interest free credit over a set period, usually around three to four years. This type of credit offers the customer a fixed number of payments, after which the balance will have been paid in full. There is no danger of still owing a large balance when the term is up, as you cannot add more ‘spending’ to this type of plan.

This is definitely a good option if you just want to borrow money to finance the purchase of an elegant bed set or bespoke sofa. There will be a contract to fill in and sign, and you must make sure you read this and understand it. By taking out finance you are borrowing money that you promise to pay back. If you miss a payment there may be penalties.

Many online retailers have very handy little finance calculators so you can work out how much you’ll pay monthly.


If you are here just to use our finance & get your items today then visit the link below

Homes Direct 365 Furniture Interest Free Credit


How does it work?

If you decide to finance new furniture you will have to apply for the interest free credit in store, online or on the phone. The application for payment plans are usually very straightforward, but will require some details such as your name, address and employment. Some retailers require more information than others. These details are then sent to the credit partner who will decide whether to issue the finance or not.

There are a few retailers who are happy to give you the finance with no credit check; you would need to ask individual stores about this option. Online stores have easy finance application forms with e-signatures so you do not have to travel anywhere. Many stores offer this as low cost way to finance furniture with zero deposit from the customer.

Signing up for interest free credit to buy that wonderful furniture may be a great way to afford something special for your home, but make sure you read all the information and be sure you can afford to pay back the loan each month.

Once you are sure the payment plan is right for you, go out and chose the amazing furniture you deserve and enjoy it to the full.


Enough of all the bankers talk lets get you looking at some of our furniture


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Best Makeup Table and Makeup Table Set Up

Makeup tables, or more commonly known as ‘dressing tables’ are an essential part of any woman’s bedroom if they’re looking for their own personal salon. With everything they need in one beautiful place, it’s like having your own personal style station.

If you understand how to make space work for you (and if you don’t we are here to help) you can turn this dream into a reality, but only if you follow our guidance which we have laid out for you in this very post.

Specially dedicated to women’s beauty, you are able to bring back the feminine touch in your own bedroom with one of our dressing tables, whether you’re a girly girl and looking for something pink or you like a more classical white/cream approach or even you’re a little adventurous and you like the look of mirrored furniture, we’ve got something for you.

Why Feature a Dressing Table in your Bedroom?

The point of makeup tables is not just to add a feminine touch to your bedroom though, they also help with your morning makeup routine, speeding up the process and making the overall task more enjoyable.

Gone are the days of being perched on the edge of your toilet seat trying to look in the mirror whilst seeking out the most flattering lighting…all the while your husband and children run rampant trying to complete their own morning routine.

If this sounds like something you’re ready to make a reality, and to put an end to the constant morning of stress you experience due to a disorganized and overcrowded, then keep on ready.

Styles of Dressing Table

This is dependant on your bedroom, but if you’re lucky enough to start from scratch then you’re free to let your personality take over on this one, assuming it still fits with the rest of your home.

And if you’ve already got a style in mind, perhaps you’re controlled by your different types of bedroom furniture, then we’ll have something for you too! Whether you’re looking to match up with your current hand-carved antique French inspired furniture or to help accentuate the modern look you have going on.

Even if you’re stuck for ideas and you’re not sure what’s going to work best for you, then this article will serve as some creative inspiration for you!

So, now you know there’s going to be something for you from our wide range of collections, here are some of the styles of dressing table we have on the official HomesDirect365 website – these dressing tables are a favourite of ours and our customers!

Antique French Style Dressing Table

Our antique french style furniture is one of our most popular styles, and for good reason. Each piece has typically been hand carved, because of this you are getting a unique finish every time. Coming in a range of colours, from calm antique white to girly pinks, there is going to be an antique french style dressing table that is going to fit your personality as well as your home.

With so much choice, we know you’re going to struggle to make a final decision on just one dressing table, so here are a few of our favourites to help you get started:

La Rochelle Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Baroque Antique French Style Dressing Table by HomesDirect365

Spire Wooden Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Shabby Chic Vanity Unit

Shabby chic furniture, just like its antique french style counterpart, can work in many styles of home. Whether you’re already featuring some great cream colours or you’re more of a vibrant girly girl with splashes of pink and purple, there is going to be a shabby chic vanity unit that is going to help add to the character of your personal haven whilst giving you the practical benefit of having your own personal salon at your very fingertips.

To get your creative energy flowing as you begin to think about life with one of our dressing tables in your bedroom, here are a few of our best selling tables so you can get an idea of what everyone else seems to be looking for…

Bakersfield Grey Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set By HomesDirect365

Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set

Bordeaux Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set


Modern Makeup Vanity

Modern makeup vanity units are one of the most versatile styles of furniture we have to offer, typically because of their simple finish – in comparison to the antique French style or shabby chic design. Featuring a range of finishes from blacks to blue, you’re going to be able to find and feature one of our many modern dressing tables in your home so that you can finally have a place for all of your makeup, jewelry, and favorite perfume.

You might want to check out this similar article “Dressing Tables, your own personal styling station“.

Because we offer so many different modern dressing tables, we’re going to give you a helping hand on what could work for you,

Here are our top selling Modern Makeup Vanity to help give you an idea of what everyone else is adding to their contemporary bedroom to give it a more feminine touch:

Remi Modern Dressing Table

Riano Black 3 Drawer Dressing Table

Types of Dressing Table Available

Let’s now identify what sort of dressing table you’re going to want. This depends on a couple of things:

  • What sort of furniture you already feature
  • How much makeup and makeup tools you have (yes, seriously)

These are some of the things you’re going to want to think about, I’d say the second one is the most important because you’re going to want to keep everything from hair clips, makeup brushes, perfumes and anything else you need to get ready in one convenient place. The size of the dressing table is going to be affected by how much you use to complete your look each morning.

Makeup Table with Drawers

If you’re like most of us girls, you’re going to want a dressing table that features drawers…a lot of them. It’s going to be handy to keep everything close, even if it’s not makeup…you’re going to want your favourite earrings and jewelry handy so you can switch, change and compare looks without the stress.

Even having your perfume close by will stop any last minute stresses that us girls seem to have when we’re almost done and the partner is shouting us to hurry up…there’s nothing more frustrating than miss placing something that you need to finish off your entire look.

La Rochelle Antique French Style Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Sophia Shabby Chic Dressing Table By HomesDirect365

Annaelle Antique French Style Dressing Table by HomesDirect365

Vanity Table Set With a Mirror

It’s obvious but I’ll say it, you need a mirror!

I mean how else are you going to achieve your desired look if you’re essentially applying it with your eyes closed?!

Thankfully some vanity units come with a table mirror but in some cases, they just don’t.

The ones that come with mirrors are usually fixed to the dressing table itself (typically dressing table sets), so if you’re someone who likes to move around the room or get different light angles, then you might want to avoid one of these unless you’re sure the mirror can be moved to how you like it.

Baroque Gold Leaf Antique French Style Dressing Table

Antique French Style Black 2 Drawer Dressing Table Set

Types of Table Mirrors

It gets a little more complicated than just fixed and non-fixed mirrors, but don’t worry I’ve already been through this dilemma with table mirrors myself, so I’ll let you know what’s out there and what could be best for your future/current makeup table setup.

Single Dressing Table Mirror

Probably one of the most common mirrors you will find on a dressing table is a single table mirror. These can come a part of a dressing table set, typically fixed to the dresser or bought individually if you’re wanting to finish off the dressing table you’ve already got.

Single mirrors will fit all basic needs that you could want and need for your dressing table since are perfect for applying makeup and tidying up your hair.

Because of their design, they also take up a small amount of space, making them ideal for many dressing tables regardless of how much tabletop space you may have left to play with after makeup organization trays and personal decorations.

Remi Shabby Chic Table Mirror

Dressing Mirror With Drawers

Typically these come in the form of single table mirrors, but they are not limited to them. A dressing mirror with drawers is a great choice if you’re wanting to get the most out of your dressing tabletop space by having a mirror and storage built into one tabletop accessory.

Chic Silver 2 Drawer Shabby Chic Dressing Table Mirror

Triple Vanity Mirror

Arguably the best style of table mirror for your dressing table, triple vanity mirrors offer you a way of getting plenty of angles so that you can make sure that your make-up is on point. Because of the triple design, the reflectiveness of the mirror will also help to bounce light towards your face, this way you are able to get even more direct lighting that will help you get the best look.

White Triple Vanity Mirror

Dressing Table Wall Mirror

Technically not a table mirror, a dressing table wall mirror can be used if you wish to properly utilize the tabletop space of your dressing table. I’ll talk about this a little bit further down the page so you can grasp the true reasoning’s as to why you’d go with this choice above the rest.

Argente Antique French Style Dressing Table Mirror

Whatever you decide to choose, just remember to get one! Oh…and remember it needs to match the setup or it’ll look out of place!

Don’t Forget The Stool

To round of your dressing table set, you’re going to want a stool. Now we’ve all been there, with one of the dining room chairs up in our bedroom because we haven’t quite yet decided to get a stool…

It doesn’t really matter what stool you’re going to add, just rule of thumb is that you’re going to want to be able to see yourself in the mirror (who would have guessed?)

Oh and don’t forget, it should match your new dressing table and mirror, as well as the furniture you already feature in your personal haven!

Where to put a makeup vanity set

Now you’ve figured out what type of dressing table you’re going to add, you need to ask yourself where you want to put your makeup vanity. And we could tell you right here, but instead, we’ve got an even better guide for that, one that even goes in depth of the styles of dressing table we offer and the origins of their design so that you can feel a little closer to your purchase.

Click here to find out Where to Place a Dressing Table in your Bedroom

Makeup Table Set Up

Great, we’ve got our beautiful dressing table from HomesDirect365 and its in our bedroom which now looks stunning. Time to throw all of our makeup in the drawers provided, on the rest of the table top and call it a day?

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

You need to properly utilize the space you’ve just added to your bedroom, just like they do at your favourite salon in town.

But how do you go about this you ask? Don’t worry, we’re going to get into the proper etiquette of setting up your makeup table, taking direct inspiration from the best beauticians in the world.

Utilize the space you’ve got

Now, we could spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the beautiful setups of how other women have set up their dressing tables, but the reality of that is, we might not have the space to directly copy what we like the look of…

But, that’s fine, we can still let it inspire us when we think about our own makeup table setup.

There are many ways you can utilize your dressing table space, here are a few things we have come up with from our personal experiences and strategies the best beauticians in the world apply when making the most of their makeup tabletop space.

Use that wall space

Probably 99% of you will have your new dressing table up against a wall, and because of this, you’ll be able to use that wall space to help you out with organizing your makeup table.

Replace the Table Mirror with a Wall Mirror

Instead of using a table mirror like everybody else, you could use a shabby chic wall mirror.

Attaching it to the back wall the dressing table sits against, which will not only give you the added benefit of creative feministic style but will also help to free up some essential tabletop space so that you can place more brushes, jewelry boxes or whatever it is you’re wanting to use the free room for.

Wall Hanging Jewelry – Why Not?

In the same space, you could have a table mirror and also hang your jewelry up on the wall.

This will create a unique look whilst giving you a way to free up some extra room on your tabletop which can be used for things that should stay on the table and not on the wall – like perfume and makeup brushes (unless you want to hang that up too, then go ahead – it’s all about being creative and having a space you can fall in love with!)

All within reach

The most important part is having everything handy, we don’t want any last minute mini-heart attacks when we can’t find out contour brushes or our favourite pair of earrings. Ideally, we’re going to want everything to be on or in the table itself, so that its close by but in an organised manner so we’re not hectically looking for something we need.

Have a system

Just like everything in the kitchen, every item has its own place.

For example, I keep all my glasses and cups in one cupboard, bowls and plates in the next, cooking pans and pots in a separate drawer and so on.

This is a system I have built over time and I suspect yours will also look a little similar, so let’s apply this logic to our dressing table setup.

The best way to do this is by playing by this golden beauty rules;

Show what is beautiful, hide what isn’t.

Simple right?


One problem,

I can’t exactly tell you what is and isn’t beautiful, so this ones up to you, what I can help you with is the best way of going about organising your dressing table, taking inspiration from many beauticians.

Makeup Organiser Trays

These are an absolute godsend. They can become messy if you don’t keep tidying them every week or so but you really won’t be able to live without them once you start to properly utilize the extra space they give. Typically I’ll keep any jewelry in these, possibly separating each particular piece so they have their own separate trays.

Don’t forget about lighting

We’ve already shown you table mirrors that can help with lighting, but these can be expensive and they even might not be of your taste as they usually feature some pretty bold design. In this case, we recommend getting some form of desk lamp to help you with the lighting so that you can properly apply your makeup.

Matte Pink Traditional Large Desk Lamp by HomesDirect365

If you’re wanting more unique lighting, rather than directly on your face, or even if you wish to combine both. You should get some fairy lights that will help with both aspects of lighting and design.

Remember to decorate

Sometimes we can get distracted by the main objective of having a dressing table in our bedroom; a helpful place for us to apply our makeup.

But in reality, it’s more than that. It’s a way for us to show our personalities, express ourselves creatively and to create a space we can feel like a woman in – to be our best selves.

So don’t forget, with whatever leftover space you have, make sure you’re adding your own feminine touch to it, something that you can be proud of and that resonates with you. Some types of harsh compounds like nail varnish remover can leave marks on your furniture, sometimes you can spill things on your accessories nearby or get marks on your clothes from these compounds. Its not a nice feeling when this happens but there are dedicated cleaning websites like Clean Home Guide that can give you little tips and tricks to remove these marks and stains, its amazing some of the ideas listed on the site that you just would not try without knowing.

Whether that’s plants, photo frames or ornaments – by now you won’t need me to say it but – It’s up to you!


Having somewhere for us to apply our makeup and feel our true feminine selves is important, but just as important is that we are able to create a space using our new dressing table that will add beauty to our home and help to accentuate the look we are going for. With a balance of both, we can really turn our bedroom into something we love, and not to mention – make our morning routine something we look forward to doing.

The following post Best Makeup Table and Makeup Table Set Up is available on Homes Direct 365 French Furniture