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This will make you want to buy mirrored furniture

As they say “People need a little bit of gloss in their lives. These pieces are beautiful and whimsical, and they reflect light.”

Mirrors and furniture are two essential things that are a must have for the interior of our homes, and as human beings we are so brilliant that we are able to combine the two, this has enabled the wonderful invention of mirrored furniture. People thought of adding mirrors to the different kinds of furniture like dressing tables and those that are usually seen in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom and it has resulted in some amazing eye catching pieces that we at HomesDirect365 are proud to sell in our range.

In this date and time, the use of mirrored furniture is a trend and a must. To spruce up and add a tiny little glimmer to your dull houses, we have devised stylish mirrored furniture that will definitely make your homes classy and elegantly designed and give your neighbours something to be jealous about.



In order to have a gracefully created colourful room, come and check out some of our mirrored furniture items that are listed in the links placed below this article. We cannot deny the fact that this furniture type will stay on point and in trend for many years to come. Usually, mirrored furniture goes really well with other decorative materials and furnishings in the bedroom, lounge and living room so do not just write off the purchase thinking you have to buy a full set to make it work because you do not, many customers have been happy with just one item and ithas fit in very well with there current setup. One of our most purchased item types is the TV cabinets – ideal!




Romantic couples love to include mirrored furniture in their houses because it can build the amorous environment and builds up more love and attraction, which ordinary plain furniture can not do at least as far as reflections and lighting anyway. Waking up in the morning can be glorious, sun shining in through the curtains or blinds and bouncing off each piece of furniture. Seeing your reflection on the mirrored furniture is something of a luxury and will reflect the focal points of your room. It also brings a really good feeling to see yourself stretching out in front of a stylish furniture piece.

Including mirrored cabinets and units will give your living rooms a stunning, jaw dropping design. Many people in our world today would love to have this in their living rooms, and that shows that would show that they have a good taste yet not everyone knows of its existence so be one of the only people you know to make this move. Nowadays, boring wooden furniture is a no no! mirrored furniture is a good choice, and that is something we guarantee.
If you want your bedroom to be fashionably decorated, mirrored dressing tables and vanity units are so sophisticated and so beautiful to look at . Furthermore, this would make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is. People with limited space in their bedrooms should make a move and purchase some of this type of furniture. This will not only make their homes appear elegant, but also spacious. Moreover, you over can have bedside mirrored tables and chromed mirrored furniture to make your bedroom furniture a complete set.


Over time, we have seen wardrobes and cabinets that were also classed as mirrored. That style is now adopted in the present time but in a more tasteful manor , the current generations creative designs are a great improvement of what has been done in that past.

We are in the 21st century this is 2017 and you should go with the trend before it becomes common place. Say goodbye to your old and boring furniture. Choose to be classy and stylish. Choose  mirrored furniture for your home and have the best looking rooms in your street. Sometimes, our home’s appearance determines our personality. If you want to appear sophisticated to others then perhaps this is the kind of furniture you should buy.


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Furniture


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Beds


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Wardrobes


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Bedside Tables


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Chest Of Drawers


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Dressing Tables


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Cabinets


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Coffee Tables


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored TV Cabinets


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Jewellery Boxes


Homes Direct 365 – Mirrored Table Lamps


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How To Spot Clean Aged or Set-In Stains in Upholstered Furniture

You’ve Made a Mess? The Science of Dealing with Stains on Upholstered Furniture

We’ve all been there before!


Sunday, rainy weather, a cup of hot coffee to start the day. You sit on your suede sofa, eagerly taking your first sip. A bit too eagerly, in fact, because the contents of your mug are now all over the furniture. Congratulations, you’ve made a mess – now what?

Whether the furniture that took the hit was passed down from generations or is brand new, there are still a couple of steps you can take to (hopefully) erase the stains from existence. Let’s start with the very first thing you need to do to refresh the fabric in the event of an “Uh-oh” situation.


Blot the Stain As Soon As (Humanly) Possible!

This method, of course, will yield the best results if the stain you’re dealing with is still fresh. Just take a piece of dry white cloth and gently soak in the stain (no scrubbing, please) until no more liquid is being absorbed. Speed here is key – the more you prolong this procedure, the more time your stain will have to cover extra ground. And you definitely don’t want that to happen.

A neat stain-blotting tool also comes in the form of baby wipes (if you don’t have a kid, your local pharmacy has you fully covered). When used carefully, they are able to absorb spills and stains almost by sorcery, and are dry and soft enough to achieve this without damaging your fabric.


Adhere to the Holy Code of Cleaning.

No, this has (fortunately) nothing to do with the Spanish Inquisition. The cleaning code is a small label that is often located at an inconspicuous spot of your furniture, usually on its side or under the seat cushions. A quick look at it will tell you the type of fabric that your upholstery sports, as well as its colours and, more importantly – how it should be treated in cases like these. For instance, some fabrics are okay to clean with water, while others will require special powders. Here is a quick reference guide in case you’re still clueless on how to clean your upholstery:

  • Label with “W” – you are free to use a liquid detergent to battle the stains;
  • Label with “S” – cleaning your furniture will require a dry cleaning solvent;
  • Label with “WS” – water-based or water-free products can be both applied;
  • Label with “X” – to be vacuumed or brushed only; call a pro for tougher stains.

Check out these two pages for more details ( here ) & ( here )

Pick Up Your Trusty Vacuum Cleaner!

Before you ask – no, the regular attachment will not cut it. If you’re going to clean your delicate upholstery, make sure to use a soft brush attachment to avoid nasty scratches. Even if the stain is too tough to be cleaned up with just the vacuum cleaner, doing so will help remove some of the surface dust and dirt and give the other products a better chance of removing the spillage. If you’re dealing with old stains, vacuuming them will most likely cause their colours to fade.

Loosen Up the Stain By Letting Off Some Steam.

Not literally, of course – if anything, lounging on your couch will only make matters worse. What you can do, however, is to fetch your electric iron and switch it on the “steam” setting. This is a great way to loosen up small individual stains. If the blemish is sizeable, though, it’s a better idea to either buy or book professional upholstery cleaning to deal with the sticky situation.


Give Stains the Water Treatment (If Possible)

“Don’t use this method to clean suede, leather or other delicate upholstery fabrics!” D.Kara from Fantastic Cleaners London says.

If the simple tricks listed so far did not make your situation any better, perhaps you should consider giving the water-dish soap strategy a go. Simply take a bit of dish soap and dilute it in warm water. Next, pour some of that mixture on a dry sponge and gently blot the spots. Finally, have another go at it using just water to remove any leftover soap, then press a clean cloth or a paper towel against the stained area to absorb the remaining moisture. That’s all there is to it.


Scour Your Kitchen with a Bottle of Vodka/Vinegar?

If water is out of the question, but the cleaning code states that you can use liquid products, do yourself a favour and discover the magical properties of vodka or vinegar. The process, as with most cleaning methods here, is quite simple.

You grab a bottle of your chosen substance, pour some on a clean cloth and blot the stains, leave your upholstery to dry out naturally, and drink the rest (preferably the vodka) in celebration of the stain’s defeat. If you’re still sober, make sure to also open all windows to get rid of the unpleasant smell, especially if you’re expecting visitors.


Shop for Heavy Duty Detergents (Only As a Last Resort)

Choose your cleaning arsenal wisely

What product you’ll end up getting will mostly depend on the fabric, from which your furniture is made of, as well as on the type of stain you’re facing. However, choosing the right one can be a bit tricky since there are so many types of fabrics out there: wool, linen, silk, or acrylic instantly come to mind. Some types of furniture even consist of several types of fabric mashed together!

This is why having a cleaning tag can be really beneficial. If yours is missing for some reason (you bought second hand furniture or its presence simply annoyed you), then we suggest turning to professional upholstery cleaners who will have the knowledge and the proper equipment to identify your fabric. For instance, just because you know that what you’ve spilled is red wine doesn’t mean that your upholstery will be perfectly fine putting up with a harsh wine detergent.

Test before you clean the rest

Even if you had the pleasure of reading your cleaning label and purchasing just the right product for your protein, oil, or grease stain, don’t be so quick to use the thing just yet. A good rule of thumb is to test the detergent on a remote, nobody-will-ever-think-of-checking-there spot to ensure that it will not mess with your upholstery’s natural colouration. This goes double if you’ve been using your furniture for a while – it’s very easy to end up with blindingly bright spots.

Defeat the stain with persistence

Is the blemish still standing despite all your valiant efforts? This may sound a bit pointless, but giving your furniture another rigorous clean after it has dried can do wonders. A great example is cleaning ketchup stains. Just try to keep your calm while doing so – forceful scrubbing will only result in a professionally ruined piece of furniture. Treat the stains as many times as needed and you’ll take them down eventually.


Short video on some of the methods mentioned here


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Modern bedroom furniture versus antique style bedroom furniture

If you are in the market for refurbishing your sleeping space, your best option is Homes Direct 365`s contemporary bedroom furniture range. It not only helps you organize your space, but it gives it a fantastic look as well.

You can keep reading the article or you can head on over to have peek at our bedroom furniture products right now on the link below

Contemporary bedroom furniture gets its fantastic look from all the eye-catching materials that it is crafted from, which are then finished off in a number of fabulous looking ways. Some of the different material options include oak, pine, cedar, and different sturdy engineered combinations while the lovely finishing selections include espresso, cappuccino, cherry, natural brown, golden blonde, and even ones that have a painted black finish. So, because of the many beautiful material and finishing options, you can easily find something that matches your style and your space.

Probably the best thing about this type of bedroom furniture is the fact that there are so many different types to choose from, something that makes it a synch to organise your space for what your needs are. Like, maybe you have a lot of clothes and there is just not enough room in your closet to put them all. Well, a great option for you then would be to get a few dresser for your space, those of the short and long variety is always nice or you could also go with those that are not as wide but are tall that provide you with a wonderful place to put your clothes. Or, maybe you have a lot of extra bedding or shoes lying around, and then a great option for you would be cedar chests.
Homes Direct 365 bedroom furniture also available in sets, taking the guesswork out of mixing and matching furnishings for your space. Typically a set will come with a bed frame, dresser, and matching nightstands, however, you can also add on different items as well depending upon what you all might need.

So, if you need a place to get ready and put on makeup for work or dinner outings, you can by a vanity table to go along with the set that you bought. Or, maybe you have a television in your bedroom, then a great add on for you would be a media centre, which will even sometimes come with extra storage space like drawers, ideal for storing away clothes again or any other special keepsakes that you might have. To add a decorative touch to space, a fabulous option is mirrored that can be nicely placed over dressers or console tables.

It gives your bedroom a crisp clean look. While some may say it gives it a sterile look, they just don’t understand the idea behind contemporary bedroom furniture. Today’s contemporary furnishings with the right accents can create a bedroom that is just as cosy and comfortable.

If you start with the contemporary bedroom furniture basics – a bed, nightstands, and dresser, you can then add and subtract from the room, to change your look over the years. You will be able to adjust to the other trends that come and go without ever having to replace those bigger and more expensive pieces of furniture that you have put into the room. You will always have a base to start with. Think of it as your canvas with a background. You will have the main contemporary bedroom furniture pieces in place and be able to add your cute trendy items, like lava lamps, black light posters, and beanbag furniture and then deep six them when they have become more of an embarrassment than a decor item.

No one likes to waste money, but no one wants to be ‘out of style’ either. By starting with a contemporary bedroom furniture base set, you will be able to have it both ways – furniture that is always in style, and a room that will allow you to add new accents as fads come and go.

Bedroom Furniture>> <Homes Direct 365> <<Bedroom Furniture

Pickwick 3 Door All Hanging Wardrobe

The Pickwick collection is a timeless classic. Crafted from solid pine and presented in a luxurious antique finish Pickwick is a truly beautiful bedroom addition.

Montpellier Dressing Table

Our exciting range of bedroom furniture now includes our new range addition, the Montpellier collection. Made from solid Mindy wood the Montpellier Dressing Table has everything you need in terms of aesthetics and practicality. The Montpellier Dressing Table works well co-ordinated along side other matching pieces or simply as a statement piece on its own.

Black Leather Right Armrest Bedroom Chaise Lounge

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Black Leather Right Armrest

Antique style bedroom furniture

Antique style furniture provides buyers value and quality. More and more people want French style furniture in their home because of its beauty and popularity. As antiques are rare to find but you can take your chances in the auctions, stores estate sales, and shows. People today are aware of the fact that this style furniture is offering them ambience and charm to their home.

Lincoln Four Poster Antique French Style Bed From HD365

The bed is straightforward to assemble with two people taking their time. It is fixed with traditional coach bolts. Some very minor DIY skills are recommended. Also available in polished mahogany.


How to take care of your antique furniture

Collecting antiques are considered a very expensive hobby throughout the world. The beauty and elegance antiques offer can definitely be worth the cost. Nevertheless, everything placed in our home needs a little care including antiques. As you can observe in most antique articles the most seasoned people take care of their displayed items. Antiques need constant care and attention, as these are aged and often have a patina and are prone to damage. A number of factors can cause damage to your antique furniture. These factors are as follows:

  • Fluctuations in the humidity
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Dust and insect infestation
  • Physical damage and chemicals used in cleaning

If your furniture is exposed to too much humidity then constant expansion/swelling can take place which will crack or fracture your furniture. Shrinking also means furniture will start splitting and cracking which happens when room dries out. This can be really heartbreaking and dangerous for your beautiful collection. To avoid this you can use humidifiers or try to maintain a constant temperature of the room. Another dangerous factor is the sun exposure.

Sun exposure can constantly alter the color of the finish or protective surface of the furniture pieces. To avoid this place your furniture away from the UV and sunlight. Insect infestation is another factor that can damage to your furniture. To overcome these problems get help from a professional exterminator. French Antiques are from a beautiful heritage and need lots of care so do your best to protect them and pass on to your next generation.

One of the major problems of having an antique interior is the money that you will be required to spend. The most impressive air of royalty that always come with wooden antique and vintage furniture doesn’t come for at a cheap price. But if you are truly looking to recreate the past at present, these elegant pieces of furniture are certainly the best most impressive things that you can have in your home.
But unlike modern furniture, shopping for furniture antiques requires you to have at least a basic level of knowledge about characteristics of furniture produced in different periods of time. This will also help you to recreate a particular period of time right inside your bedroom (a few tips here). But truly antique furniture is not that easy to find and what you find in most online antique furniture stores are actually antique reproduction furniture which is absolutely fine and often much better looking.

These products are crafted following the dominant furniture design trends of a particular period of time and also carry a number of typical features to make them look just like the real thing. These products are not that expensive compared to real antique furniture and can be afforded by the majority of the population and are available in a variety of price ranges.

The affordable price is certainly a major benefit of purchasing traditional bedroom furniture online and can really help you to make your dream of having a vintage looking bedroom come true.
Purchasing furniture for kids can be problematic and quite difficult to source when you buy furniture from your local furniture shops but is a child going to look after it? perhaps for them stick to modern bedroom furniture.

Only a few items of specially designed furniture for your kids rooms are available as antique style but we do stock some on this page ” Homes Direct 365 “. You should try not to compromise on price while shopping for furniture as its not something you want to have to keep doing if it keeps breaking etc as its often not repairable if its cheaply made. It is only a few years of childhood that they are prone to damaging things around them so either make safeguards or leave the best stuff for later years. The children’s furniture we have online now brings you the best collection of antique style bedroom furniture design for kids and children for competitive prices. With the promotional discounts often available and cheap shipping, shopping online for children’s kid’s furniture can always save you a considerable amount of money and also give you a chance to purchase the most attractive and high-quality furniture for your kids.

Children’s Leo Bunk Bed


“HomesDirect365 Bedroom Furniture Range”

“HomesDirect365 Bed Headboards Range”


“HomesDirect365 Modern Beds Range”


“HomesDirect365 Wardrobes Range”


“HomesDirect365 Bedside Range”

“HomesDirect365 Chest Of Drawers Range”

“HomesDirect365 Dressing Console Tables”

“HomesDirect365 Childrens Furniture Range”

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Different Types of Bedroom Furniture Used Today

Bedroom furniture used today can make your sleeping room become more welcoming, cosy, warmth and also improve it’s appearance. But just which of these household items are we talking about? Well, read on to discover some of the must-have furniture items every bedroom needs.


Besides the bed, dressers are the most significant piece of furniture to be found in bedrooms. The standard varieties’ height stands at the waist level, run horizontally and can feature between 6 – 9 drawers. Alternatively, there are other dressers that take the chest design, and are taller than the standard types, but feature lesser drawers. You could also settle for the armoire sorts of dressers, which come with drawers, shelves and can even have extra storage space for clothing or other personal items. Dressers are normally of wood construction, and the high-end kinds are made of solid wood. Still, you can as well opt for veneer or composite wood products that are equally excellent, but more pocket-friendly.

This marvellous Antique French Dressing Table adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. The beautiful design featuring 7 small drawers carries much additional beauty, providing character and elegance especially when co-ordinated alongside our Shabby Chic bedroom furniture. Crafted and finished to a high standard using only the finest of materials, the quality of this dresser will astound. Guaranteed to brighten your bedroom, this is an amazing item that will be welcomed into many homes.

Featured here we have the marvellous La Rochelle Dresser, beautifully hand carved from mahogany and completed in a stunning antique white finish. As one of our most popular ranges the La Rochelle collection ensures elegance and the utmost quality, and as seen here this Antique French Dresser displays smooth curves with intricate ornate design allowing you to achieve that perfect shabby chic feel. Whether this Dresser is by itself or as part of the full breath taking La Rochelle bedroom set, we guarantee you’re going to be pleased.




Nightstands let you keep some bedside essentials within reach at all times. This can include a lamp, alarm clock, mobile devices or some nighttime reading materials. The ideal height of these sorts of furniture is usually at par with the top of your mattress. When it comes to styles, you can choose from those with drawers, shelves or even a combination of both. Nightstands are, for the most part, made of wood, with the high-end varieties being of either pine, mahogany or oak construction.

Bed frames

The bed normally takes up the most space in virtually all bedrooms. So, a bed frame is regarded as an essential part of this area of the home. They come in varying standard sizes including twin, full, queen and king. The exact styles of bed frames also tends to differ. For instance, there are bed frames that come with headboards as well as footboards, while others are just plain. These types of furniture can be crafted from a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal and everything in between. This makes it infinitely easier and convenient to ensure the bed frame you purchase can seamlessly fit the distinctive interior décor scheme of your home. Also, it makes it easy to find a good product to match your given budget.

Some of our contemporary beds an be seen on the link below


An example from our modern bed range

The York bedstead has been designed to create a modern appeal in your home. Working well in a variety of settings, this charming bed upholstered in a Brussels olive fabric is sure to astound and impress across generations. With a delightful fabric headboard and frame, this bed is crafted from 100% polyester.

We are proud to welcome to our collection of modern and contemporary furniture this exceptional bed from the Baltimore collection. Handcrafted and carefully built by experts, this bed featuring a high foot end is sure to impress. Working wonderful brightening up your home either on its own or alongside our other ranges.


Wardrobes are very vital bedroom furniture that are designed to provide sufficient storage space, particularly for clothing. Typically, you get to select from the more versatile freestanding options or the custom-fitted varieties. The first tend to be more affordable and offer plenty of option in terms of the design you could settle for. The custom-fitted types are more streamlined and can make good use of awkward spaces in your bedroom, but are more costly. There are as well modular wardrobes, which give you unparalleled flexibility to mix and match shelves, drawers and even hanging rails.


Hand painted chalk finish, this Aurelia 2 Door Wardrobe With Indoor Mirror features an indoor mirror making it perfect for use in the bedroom. Due to its clean colour pallet, it can easily fit with any style of bedroom interior and will add sophistication to your home. HomesDirect365 proudly add this to our brilliant and rapidly growing wardrobe range.

The new Remi bedroom collection brings the appeal of painted furniture with contrasting oak top for a true twist on country style. This double shabby chic wardrobe ensures beauty and elegance in abundance.



Vanities are highly acclaimed for incorporating a suitable touch of elegance and style to the bedroom setting. These kinds of bedroom furniture are very functional too. They can serve as a dedicated area to meet your day-to-day grooming and personal care needs like hair styling or makeup application. To this end, they feature a mirror and room beneath them to place a bench or stool. Vanities also come with drawers where you can store jewellery, dressing accessories and assorted beauty products.



Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Vanity Set. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, the exquisite antique French design will be sure to amaze. Working exceptional on its own as a statement piece or co-ordinated alongside our shabby chic bedroom furniture.

Expertly hand crafted from the finest of natural material this Sophia Vanity Mirror is a fantastic must have addition for your home. Beautiful and full of character, the Sophia Vanity Mirror is a fine example of why our personal human craft over machine made is the high quality you deserve. Ensured to last through generations the Sophia Vanity Mirror works both by itself or co-ordinated alongside our other pieces.



Homes Direct 365 Bedroom Furniture Range

Homes Direct 365 Bed Headboards Range

Homes Direct 365 Modern Beds Range

Homes Direct 365 Wardrobes Range

Homes Direct 365 Bedside Range

Homes Direct 365 Chest Of Drawers Range

Homes Direct 365 Dressing Console Tables

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Dressing Table: Buying and Maintenance Guide

You might think that dressing tables have become obsolete but the truth is many people still fancy having a dressing table in their bedroom, not for decoration but rather as a working station. Having this important item in your bedroom gives you an opportunity to get closer to the mirror so that you can make yourself beautiful.

With such a small part of your bedroom, you can easily organise your makeup items in one place and have all your items where they should be. You can also use it for display purposes in which case you can exhibit your perfumes, jewellery boxes, makeup sets, combs, and hand mirrors on the top. Choosing a table with intricate engravings adds character to your room. If you are curious about the best design, consider the following features when making your purchase.


Here are some lovely examples:

Translated from the Portugese phrase ‘pérola barroca’ meaning irregular pearl, Baroque and its translation perfectly describes the artistic creations occurring in the 17th and 18th Century in France. As you can see here with this magnificent Antique French Dressing Table Set irregular pearl perfectly describes the beautiful detailing’s and the flowing symmetrical carvings. Hand carved from solid mahogany this Dressing Table Set is strong and exuberant as many Baroque pieces are, reflecting the strength in leadership of King Louis XIV at the time


La Rochelle Black Antique French Dressing Table hand carved, in a stunning antique black finish. Invite a touch of antique French elegance into your home with this Antique French Dressing Table from our award-winning antique French painted bedroom collection.


Capturing the historic and picturesque qualities of one of France’s most popular architectural towns, here we have the Bordeaux shabby chic Dressing Table.  As the pictures here of the Bordeaux shabby chic Dressing Table show, the Bordeaux collection is finished with a subtle distressed ivory paint, giving off a vibe of wonderful exuberance in your bedroom. These qualities resonate and make the Bordeaux Antique French Dressing Table and the Bordeaux collection as a whole one of the most popular bedroom collections.


Storage Spacea dressing table should have drawers for storing making up items and small bottles. While checking the storage space, ensure that it is enough to fit all your items. The storage compartments can be attached as lockable drawers under the mirror. You have the freedom to choose the type of storage you need depending on your needs and personal taste. The number of drawers can range from three to eight depending on your needs.

Mirror– a mirror is an important part of beautifying yourself and hence, it is necessary that you have one on your dressing table. When buying a dressing table, you can choose to buy one with an attached mirror or have a separate one. However, the attached one is better as it cannot be easily broken since it is fixed.

Small stool/chair– unless you like standing, you should choose a dressing table that is accompanied by a chair to sit on when applying make-up. As you know, women love spending a lot of time in front of the mirror in which case the chair comes in handy.

Matches other features in the room– in other cases, you can buy a dressing table to add character in your room. For this reason, you need to ensure that the table matches the taste of your room.

If for some reason you want a more sophisticated dressing table, you might want to consider more features such as multi-function. A table with such a feature will serve not only as a dressing table but it will also have other distinct features such as dressing, a cabinet, or a desk. Such a table is designed with such versatility that ensures it achieves all these functionalities.

Once you settle on the dressing table that meets your taste, you have to make sure that you take good care of it. To keep it in the right condition, always ensure you wipe the wood with bee wax that keeps it polished and clean. You also need to ensure you have placed the table in a place where it will not get direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of the wood. The mirrors, as part of the dressing table, should be cleaned using either newspaper or paper towels and vinegar or window cleaner that will keep it shiny with no smudges.

Here are some more lovely examples

With centuries of ornate design and craft inspiring comes this stunning Antique French Dressing Table, the stories and history enriched within the piece will be sure to uplift the ambiance and class of any room. This Dressing Table is eye catching yet subtle, ready to easily fit alongside existing decor or as part of a new set such as our shabby chic bedroom furniture. This Dressing Table is an engaging and enchanting hand crafted piece you won’t regret.

This marvelous dressing table adds a lovely charm to your bedroom. The beautiful ornate designed mirror carries much additional beauty, providing character and elegance especially when complimented alongside our shabby chic furniture. Crafted and finished to a high standard using only the finest of materials, the quality of this dressing table will astound. Guaranteed to brighten your bedroom, this is an amazing item that will be welcomed into many homes.

Our dressing tables & stool range

Antique white dressing tables & stools

Ivory dressing tables & stools

Black dressing tables & stools

Silver dressing tables & stools

Gold dressing tables & stools

Coloured dressing tables & stools

Natural wood dressing tables & stools

Our range of stools for dressing tables

Jewellery displays for your dressing tables

Jewellery boxes for your dressing table



The following post Dressing Table: Buying and Maintenance Guide was originally published to Homes Direct 365 French Furniture

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Shabby chic mirrors for taking Selfies

Selfies have been part of our modern culture for some time now. Most people engage in group selfies or solo selfies at their own free time without giving it a second though. Taking of selfies have evolved with time and it’s now a charity name in some parts of the world; for example in the UK where the social media platform “noble no makeup selfies raised approximately £8 million for a cancer research“.

Photographs at large tell more of how we look, how we spend our time and with whom we hang around most of the time. At least everybody tries to look smart and at their best every time, they pose for a selfie. There are several types of selfies taken by different groups of people and for various reasons. It’s undoubtedly clear that selfies have bypassed the social norms & barriers of sex and age. Teens are obsessed with the selfie thing while parents think it’s funny and unfit to get involved in the trend; however, they find themselves joining their loved ones in a family or group selfie.

Celebrities have a different take on this; they think selfies were absolutely made for them while hipsters believe this is where they belong. Selfies have seen better days in terms of evolution and acceptance in the society. It was first seen as a celebrity and girlish thing but came to be appreciated later by the male counterparts. Nowadays, most social media platforms host millions of selfies taken on a daily basis. If you are looking forward to taking some pro-like selfies and looking as professional as you can imagine; we have got you covered.

Here are a selection of mirrors perfect for this craze:

Ivory Baroque Antique French Style Mirror

Antique French Style White Mirror

Francesca Antique French Style Mirror

Taking a mirror selfie

Whether you choose to use your phone’s front camera or a well-mounted wall mirror; you should always look decent for that selfie. If you are an Instagram fanatic, you definitely want to look cute and attract more likes for that #OOTD selfie day. Choosing the best mirror for that full body selfie is all you need to get started. Other important factors to consider include the phone’s camera resolution and the pose you choose during the selfie session.

A pretty, clean and well-polished mirror should be your first priory. Different mirrors come with varying quality and appearance. Shabby chic mirrors for example; comes in varying shapes, frame colours, design and frame materials hence you won’t miss your perfect match. Shabby chic mirrors are typically the best you can get in the market. They are well designed to offer the best both in image reflection and taking of selfies either in dim or proper lighting.

Shabby chic mirrors are spotless and come in various lengths, all customised to suit your needs. Their well-polished surfaces enhance for easy cleaning and instant reflection of real-time images. The mirrors have stood the test of time with a good reputation in the market. They are durable and available in accommodating prices that won’t break your budget.

Do yourself a favor, look decent without comprising your peace; get the shabby chic mirror today and enjoy a quick and easy clean up before whipping out your camera for that Instagram or Snap chat selfie.


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White Decorative Antique French Style Wall Mirror

Antique French Style Mirror



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Wall Mirrors – Not Just For Selfies

No matter how big, beautiful and airy your home is, you’ll always want it to be bigger and lighter. Making good use of mirrors is a great way to create a larger and brighter appearance of any room in your house.

One of the most popular home furnishings is the wall mirror. Wall mirrors are common and extremely well priced and provide a home with glam and elegance; they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles they can be apart of any home, Hallways, residing rooms, bedrooms are great spots to place your mirror. Also, the use of mirrored console tables within the bedroom provides you best place to prepare or store your beauty products.

Wall Mirrors are vital accessories to have when desirous about the style of your home or office; Homes Direct 365 have a variety of mirrors  that are thought to be works of art. There are specific types that are still seen as classics these basic items will give your room a sense of magnificence and an old world experience.

One way that would complement your room is to select the wall mirror first, If you’re heading for the contemporary look in your house, a large handcrafted wooden framed mirror would certainly give you that look. Then all that is left to do is to find opposite furnishings and accessories that match the feel of any room, utilising this technique for each room in the house, will cut down the time that it takes for you to decorate each room and help you match the style easily.

There are numerous styles of wood wall mirrors that are used in the making of the wooden mirrors. When looking for wall mirrors comprised of every kind of sturdy woods they can give you and your private home a life time of enjoyment and infrequently become family heirlooms, wall mirrors made from mahogany are of wonderful quality. The darkish brown coloured wooden mirrors tend not to have any blemishes and offer a gorgeous sheen when polished and don’t need much upkeep with minimal dusting and regular polishing.

There are various designs and types of wall mirrors to choose from, with wall mirrors coming in a verity of colours and finishes. Wall mirrors produced from sculpted wood are very elegant. And depending on the kind of mirror you select, they can give the texture of your rooms being bigger and more spacious.


The reason why most professionals trust mirrors is that they have the capacity to create the illusion of depth. By placing one in a strategic place in your house, you can make a small room appear bigger. This technique works well for small apartments and houses with limited space. Try to create more depth, try placing mirrors opposite each other.

Mirrors also have the ability to lighten up a dark room. Dark rooms can appear smaller and with the help of a mirror, you can improve lighting without having to paint the walls anew. Simply take a large mirror and set it up on a wall directly across the window. When natural light from the sun or the moon hits the mirror through the window, the reflected light can improve lighting in the room.


Use your creativity when working with mirrors. The more unusual the shape of the mirror is, the more interesting it can appear to viewers. Those with five or more sides are an example of interestingly shaped mirrors. In the same manner, pick mirrors with unique glass styles and designs as well. Instead of choosing a clear glass mirror, go for a frosted one.

Provided that you have the resources needed for the task, you can get the job completed without the help of an expert. What’s more, you can always experiment with different techniques and approaches without having to worry about spending some extra cash since it’s easy and you can do it on your own.

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Why Choosing The Right Mattress Is Important

Sleeping is one of the most rewarding experiences. It provides the opportunity for our body to recuperate and adequately repair itself. Specifically, sleeping aids in healing and repairing our heart and blood vessels, better brain functioning, the increase of blood flow to the skin, and many other amazing benefits. Without sleep, heart disease, stroke, high blood, pressure, dull skin, impaired learning and memory retention are the results. Many other ill effects can result from the lack of sleep. Overall, it is pretty safe to say that sleeping is vital to our health.

You can check our full range of mattresses on this link below

We spend about a third of our life sleeping. If we are spending so much time in our beds, it is important that we have a mattress that is favourable for a successful slumber. Although many may not realise, our mattress plays an important role in our sleeping behaviours. A mattress can either make or break a great sleep. Choosing the right mattress is imperative as it permits more shut-eye and consequently betters your health. If you are searching for a mattress, we have a few tips that can assist you in easing the process and some examples.

  • Superior c.2,000 pocket spring count
  • Extra 1,000 springs in pillowtop
  • Memory foam within pillowtop
  • Tufted luxury knit top
  • Side stitch effect white damask border
  • No turn – rotate regularly
  • Mattress depth: 33cm
  • Handles: 8
  • Vents: 16

Get the perfect nights sleep with this exceptional Arena mattress from our range of antique French furniture and bedding. Carefully constructed to the highest quality, this mattress is sure to impress. Featuring superior c.2,000 pocket spring count and memory foam within pillowtop, this luxury mattress is sure to provide you with ultimate comfort.

  • High c.1,000 pocket spring count
  • Extra 1,000 springs in pillowtop
  • Generous layers of traditional fillings Tufted luxury knit top
  • Side stitch effect
  • White damask border
  • No turn – rotate regularly
  • Mattress depth: 33cm
  • Handles: 8
  • Vents: 16

Get the perfect nights sleep with this exceptional Consort mattress from our range of antique French furniture and bedding. Carefully constructed to the highest quality, this mattress is sure to impress. Featuring high c.1,000 pocket spring count this luxury mattress is sure to provide you with ultimate comfort.

  • Comfort Rating: Firm
  • Hand-tufted mattress with knitted fabric
  • Sealy Zero Deflection Spring System for our firmest beds ever
  • Eco-friendly Tencel fibres help keep you cool and dry
  • Layer of memory foam to aid spinal alignment
  • Correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains

Get the perfect nights sleep with this exceptional Jubilee ortho Sealy mattress from our range of antique French furniture and bedding. A beautiful eco-friendly hand-tufted mattress with knitted fabric, this piece available in a selection of 3 colours is the ultimate mattress providing utmost quality.

Hard or Soft Mattress

There are many different types of mattresses available on the market. However mattresses are normally classified based on their firmness. They are referred to as soft, medium and firm. For those with back problems it is argued that soft and medium firm mattresses are ideal for their back. Based on a study conducted, when those with back issues slept on softer mattresses, they were less likely to take pain-relieving medication. On the contrary, healthy individuals are discouraged from purchasing soft mattresses as they are said to improperly support the back, resulting in a collapsed back, which can affect breathing and a good night’s rest.

Firm mattresses are asserted as properly supporting an ideal position of the spine during one’s slumber. The firmness of the mattress encourages your bones to bear the pressure and as a result improves blood circulation as your veins and arteries are able to relax. It is said that initially sleeping on a hard mattress may not begin well, but overtime your body learns to adapt. For those with back issues, sleeping on a firmer mattress might further upset your back and lead to increased pain.

Give Your Mattress A Try Before You Buy

Everyone has varied views on what the ideal mattress entails and most importantly, everyone has their own preference. However as a consumer, it is important that you give your mattress a feel before you buy it. Soft, Firm and Medium mattresses are merely classifications. You will not know that it is the right mattress until you actually lay in the mattress, roll around and give it a feel. By doing this, you are purchasing as an informed consumer but also ensuring that your mattress provides the ideal support. Here are a few good articles about choosing a good mattress with a lot more detailed information.

A mattress is the framework of a good night’s rest. Thus choosing the right one indicates how beneficial and successful your sleep will be. Similarly, sleep ergonomics or bed posture is essential for reducing potential pain and a disturbed slumber. Proper body alignment and the perfect mattress, increases the flow of blood and oxygen in your body. Therefore, opting for a supportive mattress is crucial for good health and your quality of sleep.

Here are a few more examples to choose from

  • Renowned Sleepzone® springs for extra support
  • Foam-encapsulated springs for defined edge
  • Qool Gel across full sleeping surface
  • Luxury knit white mattress cover
  • Cover is removable with zip. Dry clean only
  • No turn – rotate regularly
  • Mattress depth: 27cm

We proudly welcome to our collection of bedroom furniture this exceptional and brand new Lowry gel mattress. Featuring a qool gel sleeping surface and foam-encapsulated springs, this mattress is sure to give you a perfect nights sleep.

  • Sleepzone® springs, providing almost twice the support of bonnell units
  • Traditionally tufted pillowtop for superlative comfort Multiple fillings
  • Damask top
  • Vertical white damask border No turn – rotate regularly
  • Mattress depth: 30cm
  • Handles: 4
  • Vents: 2

Get the perfect night’s sleep with the Grand mattress from our stunning collection of bedroom furniture and bedding. FeaturingSleepzone® springs with a damask traditionally tufted pillow top, this brand new mattress is the ultimate bedding option.

  • Comfort Rating: Gentle
  • Sealy 1400 pocket springs
  • Latex comfort layer
  • Eco-friendly Tencel fibres help keep you cool and dry
  • A deep layer of Innergenic Latex for outstanding comfort and pressure relief
  • Patented Unicase design protects the pocket springs and stop the mattress from sagging
  • Correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains

Get the perfect nights sleep with this exceptional Sealy mattress from our range of antique French furniture and bedding. A beautiful eco-friendly latex comfort layer mattress with a 1400 zone pocket spring system, this piece available in a selection of 4 colours is the ultimate mattress providing utmost quality.

Give the Homes Direct 365 mattress range a look over and see if we have one that suits your needs and price

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Like a Selfie? – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who’s got the coolest selfie of all?

You do… If you follow these tips and tricks for taking selfies with a full length wall mirror!

So, your arm’s too short. Using a selfie stick doesn’t work. How are you going to show the world your new, cute outfit? You’re dying to let your friends and family in on your diet success. Your face does look thinner, but what about that overall progress you’ve been making?

Wall mirrors are not dead. They’re still an integral part of selfie taking. Using your arm’s length is okay for taking pictures of faces… one or two up close. Selfie sticks work well for taking group pics for posting or keeping.

You still need a good wall mirror for the full length personal selfie. Maybe you don’t want to show off that beach body to the world. You might just want to chart your progress as you work your new diet. Keep a photo journal as the pounds come off!

I know a body builder who uses a wall mirror to show how she’s bulked out. You just can’t get that effect without a decent wall mirror.


#OOTD is only possible with a wall mirror. Buy a full-length wall mirror that will capture your whole outfit, down to those adorable shoes. It’s best to mount your full-length wall mirror on a wall or cabinet, for the best photo taking angle. Think about placement before hanging it. You don’t want it facing into the direct light. Once you hang it, make sure that it’s clean. A dirty mirror can make your shot look weird.

Speaking of cleaning up… clean up the room behind where you’ll stand for your selfie. Nothing’s more distracting than your dirty clothes as a backdrop for your cute self.

Work on your poses! Get comfortable in front of the mirror, so your shots don’t look awkward. If you’re sending an OOTD, use different poses to highlight different outfits or components. Practice different angles and poses before you snap your perfect selfie! When you’re ready, look into the camera lens you see in the mirror.

Smile naturally or be serious and mysterious. Avoid the duck-face and pouty face. They are so overdone, and it’s hard not to look dumb with those facial expressions. If you really don’t want your face to figure into the photo, hold the phone in front of your face while you snap yourself in the mirror.



Phone placement can give you a lot of different effects. Try placing the smart phone next to your face. If you’re trying to look thinner, place the smart phone under your chin and move it closer to the mirror. Your head will look slightly bigger at this angle, but you will look slimmer.

The two most important things… Your full-length mirror and your lighting. Try to use natural light during the day. Open the curtains and let the sun flood the room. At night, make sure that the room is well lit.

Follow these tips to make sure your selfie game is on point. Make some interesting statements, and have fun with it!




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The Beauty Of Chandelier Lighting

The chandeliers’ story goes a long way, back when the people used these lighting fixtures to brighten up the halls of big and grand mansions for those lucky enough to witness luxurious evening parties. In the past these illuminations were made of two wooden logs nailed as one to form a cross, wherein the candles were put across the flat wooden surface. Chains made of iron are connected afterwards at the middle and the ends of the cross and then mounted on the hall’s ceiling. Crude as it is compared to what modern chandeliers look like now, these “chandelbrum” as it was called then were exclusively displayed in houses for the powerful and the dignified people.

Nowadays though, modern chandeliers do not choose their homes. As long as one has enough space to accommodate these fixtures and ample budget to buy chandeliers of their own preference, everyone could have this beautiful and grand lighting in their homes. However, chandeliers, in fact, have a lot of stories to tell and have plenty of enduring tales to share.

One of these is the story of how from a crude-looking wooden furniture these chandeliers used to have now become one of the greatest masterpieces in stately homes and large halls. The name chandelier can be traced back to the Latin etymology of “candela” meaning candles. The earliest pictures of these mounted fixtures were that of a wooden cross with spikes at all ends from where candles were placed. Not really a very pleasing-looking source of light but it served as able illuminations especially to medieval churches and convents.

The height of the chandeliers was in the 17th century. However, prior to that time chandeliers have already taken a more sophisticated design. Crystals were used to hold the candles, and brass or iron has been used instead of the wood. One of the popular finds of 15th-century chandeliers was that in that Jewish synagogue in Mattancherry. It was supposed to be made by Belgian craftsmen and have used Chinese tiles. But it was due to the celebrated glass cutter Josef Palme who started a workshop school in 1724 that produced large quantities of chandeliers. These crystal chandeliers became a much-sought decorating piece in the whole of Europe, but only for the nobles and the rich. Indeed, it became a sign of prestige and wealth.

In the 19th century to the 20th century, everyone also witnessed the production of “gasolier”, a merge of gas and a chandelier, and the electricity powered modern chandeliers we now have today. Certainly, chandeliers are one of the most enduring and ageless ornamental pieces man has made and still continues to bright up houses of all shapes and styles.

Chandeliers are usually embellished or elaborate lamps which can be used for ceiling lighting. Generally, chandeliers are centrepieces within huge halls, public galleries hotels, churches, palaces, mansions, etc. Standard residential homes also have affordable chandeliers in the living room which are simpler versions of the chandeliers.

Those found in residences are often not as lavish as the styles in public and commercial buildings. Chandeliers can be lit with a candle or incandescent lights, materials used also by energy saving light bulbs. The vintage and traditional kind of chandeliers use candle lights or even incandescent lights for illumination and even have yellow coloured illumination. Even as modern chandeliers come with fluorescent lights or that of LED, and they give bright white luminescence. Illuminating chandeliers by using candle lights is not practically feasible on a daily basis, hence, modern chandeliers have got electric light bulbs that can be created to appear like candle lights.
The various types of chandeliers are decided by the materials used to manufacture them. The vast majority are white in colour since the lighting in chandeliers is basically by refraction through the crystals and glasses used, yet, there are actually black chandeliers, which are quite popular since they depict a fascinating style.

Multiple sorts of chandeliers are described below.

Crystal Chandeliers: The most expensive and luxurious chandeliers are made of crystals. They are the most traditional form of chandeliers and manufacturers of modern chandeliers hardly use crystals. This is because commoners prefer cheap chandeliers and modern chandeliers as compared to more extravagant ones

From The Homes Direct 365 French Crystal Range

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Crystal Chandelier 4. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Antique French Crystal Chandelier 4 will be sure to amaze. Antique French Crystal Chandelier 4 is a beautiful piece.


Gold & Brass chandeliers: this type is second most expensive chandeliers are the metallic gold and brass finished chandeliers which are made of various alloys unless you are super rich and they are made from actual gold. Gold chandeliers are traded all over the world.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Brass Pendant Light 8. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Antique French Brass Pendant Light 8 will be sure to amaze. Antique French Brass Pendant Light 8 is a beautiful piece.

From our luxurious collection of chandeliers comes this elegant and luxurious antique French style chandelier. Finished in a luxurious copper / rose gold and holding 8 light bulbs, this chandelier is sure to become the talking point of any room.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Pendant Light 3. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Antique French Pendant Light 3 will be sure to amaze. Antique French Pendant Light 3 is a beautiful piece.

Glass chandeliers: This are cheapest alternative for crystals is glass; hence glass is used to make cheap chandeliers. Most of the modern chandeliers have glass shades and domes.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Beaded Versaille Light. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Antique French Beaded Versaille Light will be sure to amaze. Antique French Beaded Versaille Light is a beautiful piece.

A luxurious and stunning brand new addition to our range of lighting comes this exceptional antique French style light. Featuring 12 lights and crafted from cut clear glass, this light will provide the ultimate focal point, brightening up any room in an instant.

Metal Chandeliers: Metal chandeliers are also comparatively cheaper and can be categorised under cheap chandeliers. aluminium, steel, brass, etc are mainly used to manufacture metal chandeliers.

A fantastic new addition to our collection of antique French lighting comes this exquisite chrome pendant light. Featuring 4 lights over 8 lights, this pendant will work wonders brightening up any room in your home. handcrafted and carefully built by experts, you are sure to be impressed.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Halogen Nickel Chandelier. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, this chandelier will be sure to amaze, brighten up any room in an instant.


Black Chandeliers: The black chandeliers are preferred by people because of the contrast they exhibit with the white lights. The black chandeliers are made of black crystals, glasses, and wrought iron. Black chandeliers go well with the vintage and interior decorations.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Black Pendant Light. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, Antique French Black Pendant Light will be sure to amaze. Antique French Black Pendant Light is a beautiful piece.

Complete that look that you desire with our fantastic award winning furniture, and brighten up your home with this stunning Antique French Style Pendant Light. Hand crafted and carefully built to the highest quality, this pendant light is a beautiful piece that will work wonders brightening up any room in your home.

Nothing is more romantic than sitting in a living room with a couple of splendid hands forged iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.


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